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“Before I joined CMS, I had several negative perceptions about temporary staffing. Everyone I have dealt with at CMS has been professional and pleasant…It has been my pleasure working with your company.”
Mindy K

I haven’t worked for you all for a few years, but I recently had to deal with both Payroll (Kyle) and HR (Andrew) to obtain documentation of my hours worked for the MBON. You all never fail to impress me with how friendly, easy-going and helpful everyone is at CMS. I didn’t work with you all for long because I was hired by the facility where you placed me (and then subsequently took two years off to raise my daughter), but if the time ever comes, I would happily come back to CMS and I will absolutely refer as many people as I can to your company. If you could extend these thoughts to Kyle, Andrew and Terri Weller, I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much for always being a pleasure to do business with! Really, you all are so impressive and it’s just so rare these days.”
-Laura P

“Thank you for everything! Chesapeake has been so wonderful these last few years and I couldn’t have been more proud to be part of an amazing, world class organization. More companies should take note of how Chesapeake works and takes care of their family. At the end of the day I truly felt like I was part of a family not just an employee and it means the world to me.”
Samantha M.

“You and everyone at Chesapeake Medical Staffing have been and are awesome.”
-Jeff B

“I cannot begin to tell you how touched I was when you showed up last Thursday at my Hospital while I was working my shift! The flower arrangement you presented me with is beautiful and I love the back pack with the goodies inside !!  Since I began working for Chesapeake Medical Staffing, it has not only been a positive experience, but it has been a life changer for me !! I have developed new friendships with my new colleagues at my hospital, and I feel that I am part of the team! THANK YOU CHESAPEAKE MEDICAL STAFFING for making me feel so special and appreciated!! I am extremely honored for your recognition of my hard work and dedication to you, my hospital, and all my patients!!”
Darlene S

“Hey just writing to say from the bottom of my heart thank you all for surprising me with a rose and gifts for nurses week at work. It’s the simple gesture that matters. It was a busy day too, right after I finished cleaning my third Bm blast so that cheered me up and I sure did feel really appreciated and cared for.  You know that’s all a nurse really needs on a busy crazy day. Plus I felt extra special because everyone one the floor is asking me what agency do you work for lol. Again thanks, been a pleasure working with you. I might just encourage hubby to come on board too because you all have been so nice to me. Well enjoy the rest of the week and happy 😊 Mother’s Day to you.”
-Emma O

“Thank you all so much for your visit yesterday to [my facility] & for the lovely white rose wrapped in pretty tissue paper; for the backpack & drinking bottles from Chesapeake Medical Staffing. It was really nice to meet you both and talk. Please tell the others involved in this that I really appreciated it a lot.”
-Debbie M

“Happy Nurses week to you as well! Nevena was kind in stopping by, she goes above and beyond in her duties.”
Marquita B

“Just wanted to give you and your team the kudos they deserve for all their hard work and dedication!!  I can’t thank them all enough for their thoroughness and conscientiousness in working with me — whether it be to help me find shifts, working to get a contract in place, answering questions, or squeezing me in to get a flu shot.  You all are truly a wonderful group and I am so proud to be a part of CMS.  Again, thanks so much for all you have done for me!  I am so honored to be a part of your agency and look forward to many more assignments to come!”
Jen L

“I want to thank you so very much for thinking of me and the Rose for Nurses Week! That was the best surprise for Wednesday! You are the best!”
S Michie

“Thanks everyone for the gifts and recognition last Friday! It was completely unexpected and refreshing. The timing was great too because my next patient had a STEMI of his LAD which was quite an ordeal. Thanks!”
-Bethany D

“Thank you so much for the flowers, the bag of goodies and the gift card. It made all the agency nurses jealous lol. Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate it. Thank you and your team.”
Niesha B

“I had a nice surprise visit last night [for nurse’s week].  I have to say, it made my evening.  It was life giving to me and I felt extremely appreciated and thought of.  Nice job Chesapeake :-)”
Nureka P

“Thank you so much for the rose and the backpack! I have to say the flower is so pretty, smells wonderful, and was so nicely packaged I couldn’t believe it. The entire icu was admiring it all day. It really made me happy and brightened my afternoon of poop cleaning…the appreciation of such a thoughtful gift, that was so nicely prepared, that someone obviously put thought into, really made me feel special. Thanks!!!”
Lydia R

“Thank you for being awesome.”
-Jordan P

“Thank you so much for delivering the beautiful flowers and backpack! What a great surprise! Thanks again!”
Jen V

“This is the dream! Please keep the competitive pay, transparent contract negotiations, quick response times, and excellent service. It’s why I recommend you all to everyone, and why I have no desire to work with any other agency.”
Frank C

“Thank you for my very nice surprise yesterday! Greatly appreciated and the staff thought it was really an exceptional sentiment from the agency.”
-Courtney O

“CMS has been my full time employer for almost five years.  I could not ask for a more helpful and friendly office staff.  The dedication, work ethic, professionalism and true care and concern for clinicians is very apparent.  The wide array of different contract and per diem opportunities has allowed me a number of options for placement and allowed me to remain a full time agency nurse for a number of years.  I highly recommend Chesapeake to any health care professional with an interest in agency work and hold in very high regard this company.”
-Steve B

“I have been working full time for Chesapeake Medical Staffing since October 2006!!!!!  I love working for this company!! Everyone is treated like family and they are there to give encouragement or to lend a shoulder if needed!!! When I first started, I only had experience as a telemetry nurse and now I work in all kinds of areas. Including emergency room, private duty, out patient surgical centers and more.  Working for CMS has given me the opportunity to be very involved with my children’s lives from school activities to Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts! The staff always does their best to find the hours I need!!!! I love this company!!!!!”
-Kim E

“It is with great honor that I have been able to call myself a member of the Chesapeake Medical Staffing family for so many years. The company is one hundred percent dedicated to the medical personnel, patients, and families of the community. The knowledge, friendliness, and efficiency of the office staff always goes above and beyond the expectations of a travel agency. The CMS team is constantly recognizing employees for their hard work and outstanding achievements. Not only do they advertise competitive benefit packages, but the company also offers tenured awards to their long term and loyal professionals. Conveniently located in the Greater Baltimore area, it is without a doubt there are countless opportunities for medical persons seeking short and long term contracts for the inpatient and outpatient settings.”
-Morgan R

“I have worked with a lot of agencies through the years, and none of them have been as organized, thorough, and prompt in their communication as CMS. The organization seems completely transparent and keeps the nurses informed on the daily basis.”
-Shelly H

“Every contract I have done with CMS has been fun. The staff at CMS have made each transition manageable.”
-Mark C

“I would and do recommend CMS to all who ask. The team that you guys have is excellent and makes me feel like I’m looked after and supported.”
-Sasha K

“Everyone is very friendly and approachable. They always finds me work assignment to my request and they care. My biggest fear to be agency nurse was “Will i be able to get a job “, and I have never out of job so far. They make me feel like they care.”
-Rachana H

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Chesapeake medical staffing is a good place to work will be even better with a pay increase.

by Diane Turner on Chesapeake Medical Staffing
Certified nursing assistant

Great company to work for


CMS is a great company to work for, trust me, I’ve seen the difference with other agencies!

Review Title: CNA

I like working for the staff, and the way they have backed me up esp. during the passing away of my mom, recently. There were very helpful, and understanding. They have made things better for me.

by Linda Spruill on Chesapeake Medical Staffing

I have nothing but good words to express my experience as a staff member for CMS. I have had great experience through over the ten years or more I have been employed with this company. Th staff are supportive and provide the necessary information needed for the many jobs I have worked. My flexibility has been awesome.

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