Spotlight on Melanie Bosley – September’s Full Time Clinician of the Month

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For September’s installment of our full time agency clinician of the month, we are SO excited to honor Melanie Bosley, who joined the CMS team in 2004. She has been with us for over 10 years and is the top earner in our history. Mel has taken home every award CMS has to offer and is the CMS poster child (not sure if that is right choice of words, seeing as she has 3 wonderful children of her own) for success as an agency nurse. She is well known around town in a number of hospitals and units, and we are happy to honor her. Check out her story below:

When I saw the initial bog about clinician of the month I thought great idea, we have so many neat people that work for CMS. Little did I know I was up next…but, with some help from my daughters and my husband’s ability to spout off interesting facts about me, I took on Ryan’s challenge and came up with my CMS story.
How do you tackle being a nurse, wife, mother of three very busy young girls, Daisy Scout leader, Brownie leader, and school/church volunteer? Easy, work for the best agency in Maryland! I have worked for Chesapeake for close to twelve years. When I started I was single and liked doing something different each day. Now twelve years, one husband and three girls later, what I enjoy most is the flexibility of working agency.

I think I was programmed to be a nurse since birth. Critical care nursing is a genetic default in my family, my mom and aunt are critical care nurses. I stared out as a biomedical engineering major and realized that you can’t fight the nurse inside! I moved all over the country as a kid, from Ohio to Arizona to Michigan and many stops in between, moving was something I grew up doing (I spent one year trick-or-treating at a truck stop while moving over Halloween). The upside to moving all the time is you get used to being the new kid, adapting to new places and meeting new people (all essential to working agency).

I started out my nursing career in the Cardiothoracic ICU at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!!!) and moved to Johns Hopkins CSICU. From there I went to the Cardiac Cath Lab at St. Joseph’s as staff. About the time I was starting to think I would like to try something different when Sam Houldson [CMS’ previous director of Radiology Staffing] told me about a new agency that had radiology nursing positions to fill. I was hooked immediately. Most places are so happy to see someone who is there to help relieve the burden of being short staffed. While working for CMS I have been able to take my critical care and Cath lab background and work everything from ER to Burn ICU to Interventional Radiology and back to the Cath Lab. I am currently at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Interventional Radiology and love the group I work with. It is a very challenging, dynamic area with great people.

The absolute best thing about being agency, especially with three (did I mention three) girls is the flexibility. I am able to be at school plays, soccer games, concerts, dance recitals, class parties and go on field trips because I have the flexibility of not being staff. Yes, I still have many of the requirements that staff have, but within each contract I am able to plan ahead and make sure that I am off for the big stuff without the panic of switching, begging, or wheeling and dealing. If you are flexible, willing to work hard and like going to new places I say sign up! I have never regretted working with CMS. They have become a second family to me. I jokingly tell people who ask if I have a next assignment that “I need to call my people” to see what’s up next. They have never disappointed me. I have been very blessed to work with a great company who understands that we are more than nurses…..we are family.
-Mel Bosley

Thanks for the kind words, Mel, and congratulations! We will see you soon (and don’t forget to bring that famous taco salad with you). Much love from the entire CMS team.

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