Shout out to Brittney Gallion – December’s Clinician of the Month!

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Congrats to Brittney Gallion who we are excited to honor as December’s clinician of the month! She joined the CMS team in August of 2018 and is about to complete her 2nd contract assignment with Johns Hopkins. The feedback has been amazing and she already as another contract lined up in the ICU at Sinai. Before joining CMS, Brittney had amassed a wide array of skills from her time working in a comprehensive transplant unit at Hopkins, pre-op and PACU for a verity of procedures at Mercy, and then a very high-acuity ICU at Franklin Square. Her recruiter, Kate, was very excited to nominate Brittney and has really enjoyed their working relationship. And the feedback from her clinical co-workers and supervisors has been fantastic. Nothing short of exceeds standard in every category and some additional love to boot – check out some more details below:

Brittney was a true asset to our unit. She is very knowledgeable with strong clinical and critical thinking skills. She is highly competent in post-anesthesia and critical care nursing. She is dependable, pleasant, and a true patient advocate. I have no hesitation recommending her to any team. -Clinical RN Manager
Brittney has been great to work with! She’s responsive, reliable, efficient and flexible. JHH was very happy to have her back but soon she’s trying a new hospital/ICU and I know she’ll do great/represent CMS well!  – Recruiter

What wonderful feedback – thanks for all your hard work, Brittney – we are very luck to have you as part of the CMS team. We wanted to understand what has made Brittany so successful in her career (before and with CMS), so we asked her to share a bit of her story with us. Learn more about Brittany, and what has led to be such a wonderful addition to our CMS family:

• Where did you grow up? How did that impact where you are in your career today?
I grew up in Harford County, MD. Being from the Baltimore area impacted my nursing career by giving me the opportunity to have access to top-rated nursing schools and hospitals.

• How did you get into healthcare, specifically critical care nursing?
My mom is a nurse, along with several other family members, so I grew up hearing stories and being familiar with healthcare. I always knew I wanted to do something in healthcare but it wasn’t until my son was born that I decided to go to RN school. I love to work in critical care because I love the special relationships I get to build with my patients and their families. I also love the critical thinking that goes along with it and the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day when I know my knowledge and skills saved a life.

• Where did you work before CMS, and how did you learn about CMS?
I was previously a staff nurse at several local hospitals (JHH, Franklin Square, and Mercy). I heard about CMS through Indeed, and thought about agency nursing for over a year before I decided to try it out.

• What is your favorite part about your current agency assignment through CMS? Past assignments through CMS?
My favorite part of my current assignment is that I’m working on one of my old units, doing the same job I was before, and getting generously compensated for it!

• What is your favorite part about working for an agency?
There are several things I like about working for an agency. One of them is that I get to try out new units/hospitals every few months, which gives me the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. The salary is another great benefit of agency nursing! It feels great to work hard and feel like you’re being appropriately compensated for it! I also like the sense of autonomy that comes with agency nursing.

• Would you recommend agency nursing to other clinicians? Why?
Yes! It gives you the opportunity to experience new skills and ways of thinking. You get to see how different hospitals and units do things and then apply that to better your own patient care. Plus the pay is great and makes your work/life balance much better!

• What has made you so successful in your career? Any advice to share with your fellow staff?
Challenge yourself in order to increase your knowledge and skill set! Seeking out knowledge and educational opportunities is vital to keeping your mind sharp.

• What are your hobbies outside of your career?
I’m a mom, dog mom, and I love to spend time with my family. We live on the water so in the summer we are out on our boat, crabbing and fishing. I love to travel and cook, as well.

• Let us know one (or more) random / interesting fact about you very few people know!
I asked my 10 year old son to give me a fact and he said “you can sing like a Disney princess!”

• What was your reaction to being named ‘Agency Clinician of the Month’?
I was surprised and felt very grateful! It feels great to be recognized and appreciated.

We asked Brittney to share a video of those Disney princess vocals but she said she would spare us all lol. Nevertheless, we will continue to sing your praises and cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and being a truly inspirational part of the CMS team!

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