Reasons to work at CMS, from the desk of Lewis Semler

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Can I just say I love my job? I have been doing this mascot gig for almost four and half years now and it’s just the best. I get to work with my best friends and Mom. They let me sleep all day and give me lots of treats and belly rubs. I even get to steal things from people’s trash cans or eat their lunches off their desks and they still love me and allow me to work here.

I think you should want to work at CMS too. They probably wont give you as many treats when you come in or rub your belly, but it’s a really good group of people who are hard working, friendly and always want to help keep both their staff and clients satisfied.

I know being a clinician is a ruff job and you guys do not get as many naps as I do in a work day but thank you for all you do.  We really appreciate our clinical team!

Lewis Semler

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  1. Diane

    Lew bug you make our day just by coming to work. You put a big smile on our faces and save our waist lines. We love how you protect us. You are the “Cats Meow”! No pun intended, LOL!!


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