Props to Parker Barrett – January’s Clinician of the Month!

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Please join me in giving some props and celebrating January’s clinician of the month – Parker Barrett! After extensive schooling, clinical rotations, and a stint with University of MD, Parker joined the CMS team back in June of 2017 and has been on assignment (multiple very successful assignments I might add) with Greater Baltimore Medical Center. The office team enjoys working with Parker and was excited to nominate him for this award. And check out some of the feedback from his current and recent supervisors:

*Parker is very well-rounded surgically. He goes into any case with a positive attitude and the ability to assist the surgeon. He is truly a great team member – CRNFA Team Leader
*Parker has terrific technical multi-specialty skills. He has a great attitude and is very easy to work with – Regional Manager
*Parker is a joy to work with. He is a team player that always has a positive attitude. Parker is always willing to learn and take on more responsibility. He would be an asset to any team – Clinical Team Leader

WOWZA! Keep up the amazing, work, Parker. We asked Parker to share a bit about his career journey and personal story to date – take a look below and hit the comments and likes to share:

I grew up in Lower Burrell, PA, a small suburb north of Pittsburgh. Both of my parents are in healthcare which gave me an interest in also becoming a provider from an early age. Once in PA school and rotating through different specialties in medicine I decided I enjoyed the OR environment and working with my hands. It’s really fulfilling to see the immediate difference that a surgical team can make. Before joining CMS I worked with a group surgical of PA’s affiliated with University of MD and spent most of my time at Baltimore Washington Medical Center. My favorite part about my current assignment is the people. The staff at GBMC is warm and team oriented, the surgeons are talented and the patients are appreciative for the great care that they’re getting. I’m new to agency, but enjoy the freedom it allows for and I would recommend it to people who are open to new experiences. What success I have had I attribute to continually motivating myself with the fact that as medical providers we have the opportunity to directly improve the lives of the patients we come into contact with. As for my interests, I like biking and lifting weights regularly and traveling as much as possible. I once rode a dirt bike through the jungle of Cambodia led by a guide who I could only communicate with through crude hand gestures. I was really happy to hear I’d been named the Agency Clinician of the Month. I appreciate all the work the CMS staff does so that I can do what I do.

Likewise, Parker – WE appreciate all that YOU do!!! On behalf of the CMS team, the GBMC team, all of your patients, and the Cambodian jungle guide – thank you so much and keep up the amazing work! Kudos once again and wishing you continued success!

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  1. Carla Reagle

    Parker is my nephew and I want to say how very proud we are of his success!!


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