October’s Full Time Agency Clinician of the Month – Rachana Homagain

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For October’s installment of our full time agency clinician of the month, it is my honor to present the award to Rachana Homagain, who joined the CMS team in 2013. She started out PRN and has since been our 1st every RN at Washington Adventist Hospital and then set up shop for the last 2 years at BWMC. RN managers have noted that Rachana is the first agency RN they have ever had helping to train their staff. Around the office she be forever famous for bringing in an Indian and Nepalese feast from her husband’s new restaurant near Hopkins. Below is her story:

Where did you grow up?

Hi my name is Rachana and I was born and raised in beautiful country of Nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia sharing its borders with China in the north and India on three other sides. Mt. Everest is in Nepal and Buddha was born in Nepal. I went to Delhi, capitol of India and finished my college degree. I went to Coppin State University and finished my BSN in nursing. Currently I am finishing my Masters in Nursing at Morgan State University.

How did you get into health care, specifically ER Nursing?

Growing up my mom had some health issues, at very young age I started researching and reading about anything and everything. I remember my mom and my family calling me healer. Ever since I was little girl I knew my heart is on medical field, what other way than being a Nurse. I was offered share day at UMMC on hiring event to different floor,including adult Emergency department. I instantly felt connection to the emergency department and I had the opportunity to work in an
emergency setting right out of school. I started as new Grad ER Nurse at university of Maryland Medical center. I had a great preceptor and a mixture of classroom, skills labs and clinical time gave me great opportunity to become strong ER nurse.

Where did you work before CMS, and how did you learn about CMS?

I was referred by one of the CMS nursing stuff, I was not sure if that’s what I wanted to do. I started slow and steady and took PRN assignment at different hospital. Some of my PRN assignment were few hours shift in different hospitals, pain management clinics, outpatient surgery center and private home care. Once I became comfortable with the assignment and CMS stuff, i knew i wanted to CMS
full time stuff.

What is your favorite part about your current agency assignment through CMS? Past assignments through CMS?

Flexible with scheduling is something I enjoy being agency nurse. Schedules can be organized around family and personal obligations. Currently I am working at BWMC ED as contract agency nurse. I have been in this facility to for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love here. BWMC is the most organized ED that any nurse could ask. I am blessed to work with very these super friendly co worked. This is also one of the busiest ER in Maryland.

What is your favorite part about working for an agency?

It gave me a unique opportunity to observe and work the way different hospitals Emergency department was operated. It was nice to be able to stand back and not have any involvement in the politics. I could simply concentrate on patient care and that alone. If I had been sent to work in a place where I was given an unsafe load or treated poorly by the staff I could decide to go there again. I can make my schedule as flexible as I wanted. if needed i can take off one week in each contract, able plan vacation with my kids and family anytime.

Would you recommend agency nursing to other clinicians? Why?

Absolutely, I have never worked with any other agency but I do not have any problem with CMS. Everyone is very friendly and approachable. They always finds me work assignment to my request and they care. My biggest fear to be agency nurse was “Will i be able to get a job “, and I have never out of job so far. They make me feel like they care.

What has made you so successful in your career?

I enjoyed working in a variety of different hospitals Emergency department, and gained skills, confidence and knowledge that I otherwise would not have gained. You quickly learn to “find” what you are looking for and learn to use your initiative when you can’t find anyone to help.I was luckily enough to go to different hospitals and get to know the permanent staff and gain some trust and respect from them, as one of the down sides of agency work is sometimes you get lumped with all the jobs no-one else will do! and sometimes regular staff can treat you as just another agency nurse!. I am proud to present myself as CMS agency nurse and maintain expectation of being independent and flexible at all the hospitals I have worked.

What are your hobbies?

I love to travel and know different place/people. our vacation is mostly road trip, we travel at least 3-4 different state a year. I enjoy cooking different kind of food. I am obsessed with body pump (exercise) these days.

Let us know one random interesting fact about you very few people know:

I can speak five different language fluently and multiple sub language within. there have been many time when hospital do not find translator, i have volunteer myself as Translator.

What was your reaction to being named ‘Agency Clinician of the Month’?

I felt honored, reminded me what an awesome team CMS have and I felt proud to be a part of it.
-Rachana Homagain

Congrats again, Rachana! Here’s to many more months (and years to come) – we are truly lucky to have you as part of our team.

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