November’s Clinician of the Month – Congrats to Sally Hunter!

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Please join CMS in honoring Sally Hunter as November’s clinician of the month! Sally was born and raised in New York and surrounded by family who worked in the healthcare field. Being surrounded by those in the field, she moved to Baltimore to pursue her career in nursing and started her career in the OR at Johns Hopkins Bayview. Since August of 2017 Sally has been working through CMS at University of MD Harford Memorial Hospital, where she has now been extended 5 times! The feedback is amazing for Sally – just take a look at some kind words from her clinical supervisors and recruiter, Kevin:

Sally has been a model Agency RN – always willing to be flexible, working hard, keeping her compliance in order. Hoping she sticks around forever! – Recruiter
Sally is a diligent, patient focused, safe nurse that is a genuine pleasure to work with. She will be an asset in any positions he holds, and her experience within the OR is broad and complete. She commits to assignments without hesitation, educates her peers, maintains honest communication, and is extremely adaptive to changes. She has a wealth of knowledge in all services we offer in out facility to include GYN, GU, Burn, Plastics, Ortho, Vascular, and Neuro. Again, I cannot emphasize enough, her kind nature is only matched by her skills in the operating room. – OR Coordinator
Sally is detail oriented. She provides safe patient care.I am really going to miss her. She will do any assignment and put her best foot forward. She is willing to learn new skill and will be a great asset to your company! – Charge RN
What a wonderful addition Sally has been to the team for the last year! – Charge RN
Sally has been a great addition to our OR team and is a very strong nurse. She has a very positive attitude and deals with conflict professionally and tactfully. Sally takes every case assignment willing and helps other team member when necessary. – OR RN Manager

What fantastic feedback – no wonder they keep extending your assignment! CMS is extremely lucky to have Sally as part of our team – we asked her to share a bit about herself and what has made her so successful in her career. Check out her story below:

Where did you grow up? How did that impact where you are in your career today?
I grew up in New York surrounded by family, most of which are in the healthcare field. I think being raised in a family with so many people in the field is what inspired my interest in healthcare.

How did you get into healthcare, specifically OR nursing?
I attended nursing school here in MD and once I completed it I was fortunate to find a posting for an OR internship at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

Where did you work before CMS, and how did you learn about CMS?
I was previously employed at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and learned about CMS through a co-worker that worked for the agency.

What is your favorite part about your current agency assignment through CMS? Past assignments through CMS?
The hospital I’m currently working at is a smaller facility with staff that truly are a wealth of knowledge. My assignment here has provided a lot of opportunity to grow and learn even more about my specialty. I really am grateful for that.

What is your favorite part about working for an agency?
I’m really enjoying the opportunity it presents to see and learn from different facilities. Not all operating rooms, surgeons, or nurses are the same. I think exposing my self to new environments will afford me the chance to better my self as an OR nurse.

Would you recommend agency nursing to other clinicians? Why?
Absolutely. There is a flexibility, freedom, and growth/improvement that comes with agency working that you can’t really get working as a staff nurse.

Any favorite agency or work related stories to share?
I’ve been involved in a lot of total joints while here and its always heart warming to walk out and see a patient who remembers the care you gave them and are happy to have you work with them again.

What has made you so successful in your career? Any advice to share with your fellow staff?
Humble yourself. When given the chance ask plenty of questions and make sure to listen to the answers, and when you can’t ask questions make sure to observe everything.

What are your hobbies outside of your career?
Reading when I can.

Let us know one (or more)random / interesting fact about you very few people know!
I previously mentioned I have family in healthcare. Well my mother, father, step-father, sister, brother, and cousin are all nurses. Three of my cousins are medical doctors, my aunt is a nutritionist, and so on and so on. We also have home health aides, techs and other professionals in the field in my family.

What was your reaction to being named ‘Agency Clinician of the Month’?
Shock and excitement! I really do appreciate this!

Anything else you want to share? The more info the merrier!
I am a proud mom of a 2, 3, and 4 year old. I read and sleep when I can. Life seems a little crazy at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for sharing, Sally. Sounds like you have a wonderful healthcare family and we hope that you will stay a part of the CMS family for a long time to come! Congrats again – you deserve it!

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