New Job Board & Alerts!

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CMS is VERY excited to announce we have a new job board and job alert system that has officially lanuched as of this morning! The new board is very user friendly and the alerts can notify you in real time of new jobs that match your search parameters or provide regularly scheduled recaps. Agency openings can fill very quickly so this should allow our staff to be at the top of the interview list, and keep you very informed of all our options. Check out links to both below and instructions on how to best set up job alerts:

Job Board

Set Up Job Alerts

Instructions for Job Alerts:

  1. If you have any questions or want help – just ask your recruiter – they can walk you through the process!
  2. Follow the link above to the job alerts page (if you are not automatically sent to the job alerts page please go to the job board and srcoll down to find set up job alerts in the bottom right corner)
  3. Name your job alert (for example it could be Maryland ICU Jobs).
  4. Choose your certification and specialty (you can choose as many as you like – ask your recruiter if you have any questions as to how we typically post jobs so you don’t miss anything).
  5. Set the alert by state, city, or a raduis from a particular zip code.
  6. Select your recrcuiter so they are notificed at the same time!
  7. Save your alert and you will get a notification email.
  8. You can set up as many alerts as you like, unsubscribe if you want, and log back in to modify your search criteria anytime.

Happy hunting, and remember, ask your recruiter for help anytime! Don’t have a recruiter? Just reply to this message and we can get get you set up!

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