March Clinician of the Month – Lauren Smith-Jaeschke

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Congrats to Lauren Smith-Jaeschke – our full-time clinician of the month for March! Lauren has completed several assignments with CMS and received numerous accolades. She was a snow hero during the blizzard and the kudos just keep piling up. Her graciousness and wonderful attitude are always appreciated by her co-workers in the field and the administrative staff at CMS.

Join me in sending props her way, and read below to learn a bit more about Lauren and her journey into agency nursing!

I grew up in Montgomery County, MD and moved to Baltimore in 2009. I got into ER nursing because I like to be busy, like a constantly changing environment, and am really bad at being bored! I worked at Union Memorial for almost 5 years before coming to Chesapeake. We had an agency nurse who worked for CMS who spoke highly of you guys so that’s how I ended up with CMS. I like the flexibility of knowing I’m only stuck somewhere for 3 months and that I can leave if I want to. It makes it more tolerable when it’s a really bad day knowing you have the choice whether you stay or not. I would definitely recommend agency nursing if other nurses like to learn things quickly and adapt to new surroundings in a fast manner. It has been challenging but very rewarding. I have been successful in my career because of being a hard-worker. I always want to do things right and not cut corners and I think others pick up on that and appreciate it. I also stand up for my patients and am not afraid to question orders if that’s what it takes. This has gained me a lot of respect and doctors appreciate when I catch mistakes. In my free time I like to go hiking with my husband, do crossfit multiple times a week (keeps you strong so you don’t get injured as a nurse!) and play with my dog.

Congrats again, Lauren! Here’s to many more months (and years to come) – we are truly lucky to have you as part of our team.

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