Kudos to two great Nurses!

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Its always nice to hear great feedback about our staff, and we got a double dose this week.  Thank you so much to Stacey Hutzell and Rachana Homagain for being recognized for their exemplary care and teamwork.

Stacey was working in GBMC’s SICU when a pt undergoing a gastric bypass had a bowel perforation and contrast tracking into her subcutaneous tissues.  After an emergency procedure she went back to the SICU where Stacey was waiting.  Rest assured, the pt was in good hands, and Stacey was recognized by a Director.

Rachana was working a difficult shift at GBMC’s ER and was recognized along with the rest of her team for overall just being wonderful.  As the charge nurse reported, “everyone just came to the aide of their teammates and helped out even though they had their own assignments and I could not have asked for a better team.”

We are so proud to have you both on our team.  Thank you as always for your amazing work, and for all of our other nurses who also go above and beyond, shift in & shift out.  What a team!

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