Kudos to three awesome nurses: Carlos, Andrea, and Jessica!

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Its always great to get feedback on our nurses.  Kudos to three great ones!

Carlos Castro, for providing top notch care to a pt in the ICU.  The patient’s daughter wrote a lovely letter expressing her gratitude and said how kind, compassionate, and skilled Carlos is as a nurse.

Jessica Simmers, for being awesome working with the kids at Carroll County Public Schools.

Andrea Lohman, for going on a field trip (also for Carroll County Schools) and doing an impressive job according to the teachers on the field trip with her.

We know our agency can’t be as good as it is without the day in, day out care that our field staff deliver.  Thank you all three so much for representing not only CMS, but the nursing field in general, in such a remarkable way.  We are so happy to have you all on our team.  Happy Holidays!

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