Go ‘Head Stacey Hutzell – September’s Clinician of the Month!

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CONGRATS to Stacey Hutzell for being named the clinician of the month of September! Stacey has been with CMS since 2009 and has done a bit of everything. She is ADORED by clients and staff alike, and we are touched by the kind words she has shared about her time with CMS. See Stacey’s journey below and join us in recognizing her:

Originally from Sheperdstown, WV, I came to Baltimore in 2001 as a travel nurse and ended up calling it home. I am the first in my family to enter the medical field from generations of teachers. But isn’t nursing all about teaching? [editor’s note: Sure is – no wonder you are an All-Star!]

My first job was in oncology. It was there that I learned to love, cry, laugh and live; the foundation for which I have build this wonderful careen upon.

Before agency nursing I had to change jobs several times in order to see what this careen had to offer. I spent 4 years in oncology, 2 years in the CVICU [editor’s note: WOAH – the CVICU is no joke!], many years as an instructor for BSN students in the clinical setting, 16 years in critical care, and many PRN gigs along the way.

CMS has offered me the opportunity to experience many different aspects of nursing while making the commitment to one employer. My recommendation for anyone who is ‘on the fence’ about choosing agency nursing as a career is to do it now – why wait?

This journey has finally allowed me to spend extra time with my friends and family as life change around me. I no longer have to work a second job to maintain the lifestyle to which I am accustomed. I can change assignments to explore different avenues of nursing while remaining with one employer who offers medical, dental, and retirement benefits.

The most exciting thing I have been able to experience in this professional is a private corporate jet ride with with a terminal patient on my ‘day off’ without pay [editor’s note: not through CMS – we always pay our staff]. Sometimes it is just the simple ‘thank you’ that keeps you going day by day!

I don’t think we can say it enough, Stacey, but THANK YOU for all our hard work!

5 Responses to “Go ‘Head Stacey Hutzell – September’s Clinician of the Month!”

  1. Weasie Blue

    I have known Stacey for many years, she is a beautiful person inside and out. You couldn’t have chosen a more deserving person to honor. Love you Huzz!!

    • Ryan Valeri

      Love the feedback, Weasie – she sure is the best!

  2. Kathryn Paolucci

    Being a co-worker of Stacey’s, I have to agree she is certainly deserving of the clinician of the month. She is devoted, caring and great to work with!

  3. Mark P. Prosciak, MD

    Stacey is one of the finest nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with and learning from. Her professionalism, clinical skills, and the care she provides to her patients are outstanding. I am not surprised that she is being recognized! Stacey is truly a role model. I am proud to be her colleague.


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