February’s Clinician of the Month – Natasha Rudd

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Our February Clinician of the Month has been announced – congratulations to Natasha Rudd!


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in NC

How did you get into healthcare, specifically Critical Care nursing?

I started working as a nurse technician my senior year of college, graduated and went directly into ICU as a new grad.

Where did you work before CMS, and how did you learn about CMS?

I started at Northwest Hospital in ICU. Moved to Atlanta Ga, worked PICU at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Decided Pediatrics wasn’t for me, so I went to work at an ICU at Wellstar Cobb Hospital in Austell Ga. Moved to York, Pa and started working Open Heart ICU at York Hospital. I heard about CMS through a coworker at York Hospital and was referred through him. 

What is your favorite part about your current agency assignment through CMS? Past assignments through CMS?

I like my current assignment with Northwest Hospital because I already knew a lot of  the people on the unit from me working there as a new grad. It really felt like a homecoming.. I’ve only had one other assignment with CMS at Sinai hospital CICU, but  I liked that the nurses were able to operate independently to care for the open heart patients. Night shift was really team oriented which was great!!

What is your favorite part about working for an agency?

I like the flexibility of choosing where I work every 13 weeks and having the option to extend if I choose to. I never get bored with the same assignments.

Would you recommend agency nursing to other clinicians? Why?

I definitely recommend agency nursing to other clinicians. It’s great for  flexibility, financial independence. You meet some great people and become good friends in all areas..Great for networking!

What has made you so successful in your career?

I’ve allowed myself to never become stagnant in one position even before becoming an agency nurse. I try to keep an open mind and be kind to my patients and coworkers, it gets you a long way in life. 

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are to travel leisurely. I like to party plan and want to hopefully extend into that aspect, one day as well.

Let us know one random interesting fact about you very few people know.

I’m a clean freak!

What was your reaction to being named ‘Agency Clinician of the Month’?

I was shocked! It’s great to be recognized for our hard work!

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