Epic Snow, Epic Commitment from CMS Clinicians

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Thank you so much to all of our clinicians who stayed above and beyond their normal hours during the recent blizzard event.
We had epic snowfall in Maryland, and these clinicians responded with an equally epic level of commitment and service.  Many clinicians were not able to make it to their shifts, so others had to stay over and work longer hours.  We recognize and thank you for your service!

Beth Audet at University of Maryland St Joseph Medical Center;
Shernel Barrett at Sinai Hospital;
Mel Bosley
at Bayview Medical Center;
Mark Carr at Sibley Memorial Hospital;
Laied Dechsi at University of Maryland Midtown Campus;
Jamie Freburger at University of Maryland St Joseph Medical Center;
Earl Gude
 at The Presbyterian Home or Maryland;
Susan Holian
at Good Samaritan Hospital;
Lonita Mapp-Broome
at Sinai Hospital;
Samanatha Miles at University of Maryland St Joseph Medical Center;
Remi Olowo at Greater Baltimore Medical Center;
Lauren Smith-Jaeschke
at Sinai Hospital; &
Wendy Strong at Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

See our list of home care providers by visiting our home care site!

If you were also stuck in the snow during the blizzard and worked over your regular hours when others couldn’t arrive to the hospital, we are sorry we missed you!  Please email us to let us know so that we can add you to the listThank you again to everyone.

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