Congrats to December’s Clinician of the Month – Lisa Himmel

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It is with great honor that we get to celebrate Lisa Himmel as our clinician of the month for December! Lisa has been part of the CMS family since they very beginning and has held a wide variety of positions. She has excelled in all areas and most recently has even been the case manager of a team of clinicians for a challenging home care case. Our very own clinical director and owner had this to say about Lisa’s recent performance:

We wish to extend a special thank you to Lisa Himmel RN for her most recent assignment with CMS. She has accepted responsibilities above and beyond the professional expectation in a home setting. Lisa has willingly assumed a case management role which involves mentoring, coordinating & problem solving in a unique home care situation. She has dedicated hours to ordering supplies & medications so every nurse has ample medication & equipment needed to care for this patient. She has mentored our staff regarding the cultural expectations of the family. She has developed such a trusting relationship with the patient and her family. They are confident about the quality of nursing care given under the guidance that Lisa has provided. She has bridged language barriers and established great communication between the patient, family, medical team, nurses and CMS. A heartfelt thanks from all of us, Lisa, for all the hours you have dedicated to enhance the quality of care for this patient. – Terri

And here are what some of the other recent managers had to say about Lisa:

*We are so happy to have Lisa as part of our team. She has a great attitude and work ethic!
*Lisa is knowledgeable and proficient. She is a hard worker who always lends a helping hand.
*Lisa has been an incredible asset to our team over the last few months. Her work ethic and clinical skills are exemplary.

Check out Lisa’s story below. Here passion shines through in her words and we are so lucky and honored to have her as part of our team. Congrats again, Lisa!

It is with great gratitude that i accept this nomination.

I was born in Annapolis Maryland because my father was in the Navy however we moved when i was around 11 years old to Pennsylvanian. Although I spent many years in Pa my roots are dug into Maryland. From my eternal love of Maryland Crabs, seafood, Ocean City, Old Bay and of coarse the RAVENS, I have always found myself drawn back to Maryland.

After starting out in Chemisty which I got an AA in and then going on to pharmacy school, I was invited to an open house for nurses. On a whim I went with a friend and somehow found myself drawn to this career. I wast sure what I was missing in my life but I just was very restless with my choice of career.  I have always loved being with people and needed a career where I would not be isolated. Part of my innate nature is my spontaneity and flexibility which i think has made being an Agency nurse so easy for me. In the middle of my college education, and to the great surprise of my parents, i decided to switch gears and become a nurse. I graduated with honors with  a  BSN from Villa Julie College. My class was one of the first BSN programs at Villa Julie which is now Stevenson University. Over the years my restless spirit has guided me to try new things and this career has offered so many opportunities of growth.

My preceptor, mentor, teacher and future friend and boss was Terri Weller. I aspired to be as great of a nurse that she exemplified in nursing school and now 21 years later I am honored recognized as Clinician of the month. I am here because of her support and guidance through many facets of my life and my career.

I was drawn to the fast paced, hard core energy of Trauma, ER and ICU and never looked back. I started my career at the R. Adams Crowley Shock Trauma center where I often say I went to critical care  “boot camp” . I credit most of my knowledge and expertise to the amazing mentors and physicians that i met at the trauma center. I TRULY learned how to BE A CRITICAL THINKING NURSE.I remember coming home and laying in the middle of the floor crying in exhaustion and wondering what i got myself into. (and I’m not a cryer) From there I went to the new Sinai ER7 . Here I continued to work in trauma ER but also took a year to work in the Pediatric ER. I ran into my old mentor Terri Weller who was starting up her agency and I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else. The rest is history.

People ask me why I was a single mother who worked full time as an agency nurse. for the past 15 years. My answer is always the same… because i was a single mom. Besides being a nurse my daughter has always been the most important thing to me.  Agency nursing allowed me to be off on holidays and to be flexible with my schedule. I never minded going to different hospitals and assignments and actually welcomed it. I have met so many amazing friends and made so many connections over the years by being able to be at different facilities. I would work in an area and not get caught up in the drama of difficulties as i liked to call it. The moment that a unit started having issues among its full time staff, I would change to a new unit and remove myself from bad situations. This allowed,  honestly for me to stay very stress free at work. This is why I love Agency. For me,  working agency was never about the money as much as the flexibility and the vast array of opportunities that it provided me. I was able to be home for my daughter whenever I needed to be and at the same time kept my career fresh and interesting by

Because I have been agency most of my 21 year career i have been able to work in

I truly do not believe i would have had these opportunities if I was not employed as an Agency Nurse.

I am presently working a private duty case with a family and patient from Qatar. This assignment has been so rewarding and along with all of my past experiences, has made me a more well rounded, culturally diverse , critical thinking clinician.

I couldn’t ask for more opportunities for enhancement in my career then I have been given through working with Chesapeake Medical Staffing. This amazing group of people work so well together at enhancing the clinicians experience while also making sure that our patients receive the best care. CMS has always felt more like my family then my employer.

This ability to change venues and advance learning has made me the nurse I am today. I feel I could work in any area and feel adequately comfortable  Because of this I am allows advocating for fellow nurses to join my agency. I can say enough about our team of professionals.

What has made me successful? I believe that I have been successful because of my empathy and compassion toward all of my patients. I believe that they are meeting me at THEIR worst and I need to try and be my BEST. I may not be able to fix everything or cure them,  but I can make their experience easier by giving them a moment of compassion.

My hobbies include traveling, attending concerts and musical theater productions. Im a huge movie buff and try to see anything new that is out . My daughter will always be the most important thing to me in the world and her happiness is definitely  my hobby.

interesting random fact –
1) I hate to wear socks and shoes. if i could go to work barefoot i would. I never ever wear socks even in the dead of winter.
2) I want RN BSN on my gravestone one day. My life has been dedicated to this career and I think it should be written in stone one day. I always sign my name with these initials. My bank recognizes it and will question if i don’t sign RN.
3) I saved someone in the field with CPR. (off duty – no payment, no recognition – most rewarding experience of my life)

My reaction to being named Clinician of the month was – “hey thats cool.” I absolutely love what i do. It is totally who i am. I am a nurse. I can’t do much but I can save I’m not the best homemaker, I’m not a wife, I did the best I could as mother and can’t cook a thing…but I can bring you back from the brink of eternity. I truly believe this was my calling.

My response to patients/families who say to me…. “You are so nice”… I DONT GET PAID TO BE MEAN. AND ITS SO MUCH EASIER TO BE NICE. I think it is sad that the public would ever experience a mean nurse. Being a nurse means to me – YOU ARE A CARING PERSON. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR MEAN. I aspire to teach younger nurses this motto. Because it doesn’t matter what you know, it matters how you make your patient feel.  My favorite expression:


Thank you again for this Recognition!!


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