CMS Visits Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

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CMS was lucky enough to reserve a table at the annual JHU School of Nursing Career Fair today. Janet, CJ, and Kody were all there to welcome any student who wanted to find out about CMS and agency nursing.

There were a lot of students who were eager to learn about all of the opportunities that are available to them. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm from the next class of nurses.

Many of the students will be graduating in December and are wisely trying to plan ahead. They understand that experience is one of the most important factors that employers will use once they graduate. Luckily for them, CMS is able to give a wide variety of opportunities from which they can gain valuable experience. Being a student is difficult. Throw on top of that the need to gain practical experience while still taking classes, and it can almost be too much to handle. But the flexibility that CMS has to offer these students will undoubtedly help them gain the experience they need while still working towards their degrees.

Along with discussing the different ways CMS can help these nurses advance their careers, we also had them fill out information slips to enter them in a raffle for a $25 Target gift card. So congratulations to Claire and Jenna of JHU School of Nursing for winning!

Janet, CJ, and Kody would also like to give a big thanks to Nyuma Harrison, the Nurse Career Services Specialist at JHU, who was a huge help throughout the entire process of the career fair. It was a great experience and we are already looking forward to going back.

CMS Table
The CMS table, complete with a raffle, information brochures, and of course… candy!
CJ and Nyuma Harrison selecting the winners of the gift card raffle
CJ and Nyuma Harrison selecting the winners of the gift card raffle

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