CMS Ranked Best Agency in 2018!

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BluePipes, a leader in professional networking for travel nurses and healthcare professionals, just published their annual study on the top travel agencies of 2018. And guess what – CMS made the cut!

The best travel nursing agencies are highly sought after. That’s no surprise given that travel nursing companies provide services that can make or break a travel nurse’s experience. However, a litany of unique circumstances make it really difficult to determine the best travel nursing companies. So, we researched travel nursing company ratings and reviews from across the web. Then, we compiled all the data to bring you this list of the best travel nursing companies of 2018.

With over 44,000 travel nurses and 300+ staffing agencies, the choice is not an easy one. But our staff have spoken, and BluePipes heard you loud and clear – CMS came in in the top 10!

In order to assist travel nurses with their search for the best travel nursing companies, we began aggregating the rating scores from multiple rating websites in 2017. In 2017, we aggregated the rating scores for every travel nursing company we could find on Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing Central, Travel Nursing Blogs, Facebook, Indeed and GlassDoor.

We converted all scores to a 100-point scale. We then averaged all the scores together to determine an Aggregate Score for each company. Then, we ranked the companies from highest to lowest. The top 20 companies with 50 or more reviews were added to our list of the best travel nursing companies of 2017

Check out the full article at the link below, and here is a blurb about Chesapeake Medical Staffing:

10. Chesapeake Medical Staffing
A team of nursing and staffing management professionals founded Chesapeake Medical Staffing (CMS) in 2001. CMS started out by staffing RNs both on contract and PRN in Baltimore area hospitals. By 2011, they were staffing all nursing, allied and physician modalities, and even launched home care and residential services throughout Maryland. In 2016, they began to expand their travel contract nursing services and have placed staff in NC, MA, PA, DC, VA, NJ, DE, and NY.

Chesapeake Medical Staffing made our list with 58 total reviews across all platforms. They had 19 new reviews in the last year. Most of their reviews come from Facebook and Indeed where they had average scores of 4.9 and 4.4 respectively.

While Chesapeake Medical Staffing has job orders nationwide, they have a major footprint in their home state of Maryland, and throughout the mid-Atlantic and northeast. They provide PRN, local contract, and travel staff to a large portion of hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the state. They even have a Maryland Residential Services License to staff home care.

BluePipes members can connect with Chesapeake Medical Staffing and their recruiters here.

And here is a link to the full article – BLUEPIPES BEST TRAVEL NURSING AGENCIES 2018

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