CMS is Gypsy RN Approved!

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Chesapeake has been officially Gypsy Nurse verified and approved!

There are a number of best practices that travelers can look for in their agency of choice, and CMS hit on 100% of those when asked by Gypsy Nurses. The Gypsy Nurse is the largest and most active online community for travel nurses. Check out that list of best practices below to make sure you make the right agency choice for employment!

1. Agency must be in business for at least one (1) year. CHECK – 17+ years strong!
2. Must be Joint Commission Certified (or will be Joint Commission Certified within the next 6 months). CHECK – JCAHO certified since 20016!
3. Carry all standard business insurance. CHECK – pfofessional liability, general liability, and workman’s comp!
4. Use all the following best practices when working with travel RNs and Client – DUH! We can’t imaging operating any other way!

A. Will only submit a travel RN CV to a client for consideration if they have received a signed contract from the client
B. Present a Candidate only after receiving permission from the Candidate for each specific assignment
C. At a minimum, the following should be disclosed to the candidate when requesting permission in order to result in a valid submittal to a client:

i. Name of client
ii. Location of worksite
iii. Compensation
iv. Time frames for work
v. Clinical requirements

5. Present all information to both Candidates and Clients fully and fairly to allow comprehensive evaluation by each party – CHECK!
6. Accept as assignments only situations where the Client has formally agreed to the level of service promised. OF COURSE!
7. Assignments beyond the scope or capability of the Travel Healthcare Company shall not be accepted. CHECK – we want out staff and clients set up to succeed!
8. Honor all contractual arrangements with Travel RNs with and Clients. DUH!
9. Maintain regular contact with Travel RN for the purposes of providing satisfactory service during their placement and assignment. YUP – we check in weekly regarding schedule, pay, satisfaction, extensions, etc. – We got your back!

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