Fighting the Opioid Crisis with the Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation

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The Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation is near to the heart of Chesapeake Medical Staffing, and its employees. This foundation is a local nonprofit providing a beacon of understanding and guidance for individuals with substance abuse problems, and their families and friends. We have a special tie to the organization through one of our own who is the Director of DCTF, Toni Torsch. She started a movement on this issue, and we are honored that we get to share that mission today.

The Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation is committed to providing drug overdose prevention, and awareness to all who are being affected by this disease. Within this organization, those suffering don’t have to do so by themselves. There are resources available to educate, console, and most importantly, treat, those feeling the pain of this addiction.

In a partnership with Baltimore County, CMS is sponsoring a billboard to be displayed in a prominent position in the County. This billboard will have awareness information about the epidemic, and also current treatments offered to help negate this crisis.

Our Executive Vice President, Missy Blankenship (R), had the pleasure of meeting with Toni (L) to speak on how we can help even more in the future outside of this billboard. We hope that these type of outreach efforts into the community will bring more people to the DCTF cause and save lives moving forward.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, or would like to donate, please visit //

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