Happy ER Nurses Week!

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Happy ER Nurses Week to all of our ER RNs! Check out some information on common challenges in ER nursing the AMN NurseZone post! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 140 million emergency room visits occur annually in the United States. Every emergent health issue, from advanced pneumonia to potentially fatal injuries following an accident, makes its way through the open doors of the ER to be treated. Most nurses are called to ER nursing for the fast paced, unique experiences and demanding nature of the job. But what about those times when emergency environments are blurred and ethical dilemmas arise? SEARCH ER NURSING JOBS … Continued

New Job Board & Alerts!

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CMS is VERY excited to announce we have a new job board and job alert system that has officially lanuched as of this morning! The new board is very user friendly and the alerts can notify you in real time of new jobs that match your search parameters or provide regularly scheduled recaps. Agency openings can fill very quickly so this should allow our staff to be at the top of the interview list, and keep you very informed of all our options. Check out links to both below and instructions on how to best set up job alerts: Job Board Set Up Job Alerts Instructions for Job Alerts: If … Continued

Top 5 Podcasts for Travel Nurses

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Check out some info below from a seasoned travel RN over at Gypsy Nurses on her top 5 Podcasts to listen to: I don’t know if you’ve hopped on the podcast bandwagon yet, but I am definitely a fan. For me, my favorite time to listen to a podcast is when I am in the car for an extended amount of time, and as a travel nurse there may be a few times you find yourself in that situation. Whether you need a quick laugh from someone who understand the in’s and out’s of your profession, or you’re wanting to keep in the know with current technology and advancements in medicine, … Continued

CMS Ranked Best Agency in 2018!

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BluePipes, a leader in professional networking for travel nurses and healthcare professionals, just published their annual study on the top travel agencies of 2018. And guess what – CMS made the cut! The best travel nursing agencies are highly sought after. That’s no surprise given that travel nursing companies provide services that can make or break a travel nurse’s experience. However, a litany of unique circumstances make it really difficult to determine the best travel nursing companies. So, we researched travel nursing company ratings and reviews from across the web. Then, we compiled all the data to bring you this list of the best travel nursing companies of 2018. With … Continued

Tax Reform Updates for Travel Nurses

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Curious how the new tax reforms affect you as a travel RN? Check out some more information below. No need to fear. For most travelers, the news is OK. It doesn’t impact a decision to be a traveler versus staff. Current compensation schemes by CMS (and most likely other agencies) have not changed. So no one’s take-home pay will drop. Single travelers who don’t itemize will see a net gain of $1,650 not subject to federal income tax because of the net changes to the standard deduction and personal exemption total. That is around a $400 annual increase in take-home pay. That might be a bit of shrug for most … Continued

Morgan Reeves Live on RVN TV

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Check out the video below of Morgan Reeves live on RVN TV talking about her journey with CMS. Morgan joined the CMS team back in 2012 and has been a favorite around the office and in the various hospital assignments where she has been placed. She is a previous winner of the ‘Can We Clone You?” Chessie award, and our very first every employee of the month. Check out the video below and share with anyone who is looking for the right agency! Morgan Reeves on Mid Day with Dana Carney  

CMS Merges with American Surgical Professionals

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Evergreen Advisors Capital, a middle-market investment bank, is pleased to announce that Chesapeake Medical Staffing, LLC has been acquired by American Surgical Professionals.  Evergreen Advisors Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Chesapeake. Chesapeake Medical Staffing is one of the largest and most respected health care staffing agencies in the mid-Atlantic region. CMS has focused on sourcing the highest quality health care professionals from nurses to administrative personnel to physicians to complete management of the agency process.  The Company is Joint Commission certified and their client list includes hospitals, institutional care providers, management services organizations (MSO), home care and individual patients “CMS explored numerous options to enhance our future,” said Jeff McClure … Continued

Travel vs. Staff – The Hospital Dilemma

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A recent study from KPMG determined that using Travel Nurses can be a cost-effective strategy for hospitals nationwide. According to the KPMG’s 2017 U.S. Hospital Nursing Labor Costs Study, “when all costs are considered, traveling nurses appear to cost less than permanent nurses.” The survey found that the cost for a permanent nurse is roughly $10/hour more expensive when compared to the cost for a Travel Nurse. KPMG’s findings took into account the hidden costs associated with hiring full-time, perm nurses, such as overtime pay, paid time off, insurance, retirement, and recruiting costs. Additional costs included in the study were non-productive labor hours, orientation hours, as well as attrition and … Continued

Afraid of Travel Nursing?

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Here is why you shouldn’t be! Read below from Crystal Gustafson over at travelnursing.org. Crystal is an ICU RN who has spent time traveling all across the country, including Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California. You may have encountered a travel nurse at work, or if you are like me, have wanted to be a travel nurse since before you even entered nursing school. You have also probably heard some horror stories and common misconceptions that go along with the travel nursing profession that have made you think twice about whether or not you are up for the task. Many of these fears and misconceptions are mostly rooted in hearsay and … Continued