Big Ups to Aubrey Patterson – May’s Clinician of the Month!

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Join me in wishing congratulations to May’s full-time clinician of the month – Aubrey Patterson! Aubrey has completed multiple assignments through CMS including an almost 2 year stretch at Howard County General in the ER! Her evaluations are impeccable and she is a pleasure to work with – her current RN manager has labeled her as a great team member, always positive, very knowledgeable, a great mentor and a truly excellent RN! The rest of the team at Howard has noted she is a seemless extension of their staff and wonderful to work with.

Where did you grow up?- I grew up in Bowie, MD
How did you get into healthcare, specifically ER nursing?- Since spending a few days in the ER during nursing school clinicals, I had always felt that the ER was where I belonged. It took me 5 1/2 years to get to the ER, but once I made it there, I knew that was my “home”.
Where did you work before CMS, and how did you learn about CMS?- Before CMS, I worked at Washington Adventist Hospital in the ER. Before that, I worked at Medstar Washington Hospital Center on the Burn/Trauma Step-down unit. I learned of CMS through a few coworkers, all of which worked for CMS.
What is your favorite part about your current agency assignment through CMS? Past assignments through CMS?- I am currently at Howard County General Hospital, this is actually my first agency assignment. I just so happened to enjoy the facility so much, I decided to hang around for a while!
What is your favorite part about working for an agency?- I absolutely LOVE the support that CMS shows it employees. The ability to travel around the state to work at different facilities is also amazing, so many opportunities are out there!
Would you recommend agency nursing to other clinicians? Why?- I would absolutely recommend agency to experienced nurses. You are able to work at different facilities and are exposed to different processes, every place does things a little different!
What has made you so successful in your career?- I have had so many wonderful mentors throughout the years. Each of them teaching me something different that I have carried with me. I am always open to learning new and different techniques. I love to learn, a huge key- never stop learning!
What are your hobbies?- I have recently discovered a love for obstacle course racing. Completed my first race just a couple weeks ago. I also love weight lifting. I belong to the UFC Gym and it is truly amazing!! When I’m not working or working out, I love spending time with my kids!!
What was your reaction to being named ‘Agency Clinician of the Month’?- I yelled “Oh my goodness! Really??” Definitely shocked and honored!!

Congrats again, Audrey – we are so lucky to have you as part of our team! Please join me in congratulating, Aubrey – if you don’t she might show off some of her UFC skills!

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