CMS is an RN owned and operated staffing agency that has been in business since 2001. Being RN owned and operated means that our owner has worked as an agency clinician, and has a direct understanding of what an agency clinician wants from his or her agency employer –  lots of options, competitive & accurate pay, great customer service & responsiveness to requests, and advocacy when there is an issue. We started our company with a mission to be a better agency than our competitors who didn’t have that direct agency clinician perspective. We have always put a heavy emphasis into what is best for our employees, not necessarily just our clients or our company. The end result is that you don’t work for us; we work for you. You are not an expense as you may be to a hospital; you are an asset. We take employee advocacy seriously; you are not just a number to us. Review our Testimonials direct from other clinicians like yourself to see why they love working for us.

Here are the reasons to work for CMS:

  • Competitive and Accurate Pay: we know your pay rate is one of the main variables you consider when you decide which agency to work for. We keep a close pulse on our local market rates and offer very competitive options for our assignments. We can process your pay to include a per diem if you’re an eligible traveler (Travel Compensation FAQ), and will very clearly break down your compensation structure. You’ll always know what to expect in your check each week, and we’re incredibly accurate when it comes to payroll processing. Inaccurate payroll was one of the largest factors that made our owner realize there had to be a better way to run an agency, and we have some of the best payroll people around. We’re still not perfect though, as we process upwards of 1,000 time slips each week. If we do make a mistake, we fix it. Immediately, period, end of story.
  • Great Benefits: we offer medical, dental, & vision benefits as early as 31 days after your assignment starts. Our significant contribution to the plan premium makes your weekly payroll deduction very low. CMS also offers supplemental coverage to include access to a menu of voluntary insurance benefits designed to pay cash directly to you when you need it most. All CMS employees are eligible to enroll in our 401(k) plan after 90 days of employment. There is a 1/3 match on employee deferrals up to 6% of your compensation (so a 2% match if you defer the full 6%). We offer a broad variety of investment options and services, including direct access to a financial adviser and broker. For more information check out the 401(k) plan highlights!
  • Customer Service: above and beyond, one things we routinely hear is that we excel in this area compared to our competitors. You bring much value to our organization, and we make you feel that way. We are friendly, knowledgeable, accurate, understanding, and here to help. We know that agency options aren’t all the same, and not everything is right for everyone. We help you determine what is best for you and do whatever we can to make that happen for you. Check out our great team!
  • Expertise & Options in the Greater Baltimore Market: our roots are in Baltimore, MD, and we are experts on this market.  We work with every major health system and hospital in the state, as well as outpatient settings, LTC, schools, health departments, and a variety of unique settings. These relationships give you options you can’t get through other agencies.
  • Travel Options Throughout the Country:  We have opened a 2nd office in Houston, TX. added 4 new recruiters, and have options across the country! We have low over hear and offer great pay for our travel placements. We clearly breakdown your per diem and compensation before any submission – no game playing!.
  • The Best HR Team Around: credentialing is a major part of agency employment in today’s industry, and our HR team is phenomenal. You’ll never be unclear as to what your file may be missing, what your status is, or how you can get something you may not currently have. If concerns do arise during your employment with us, we take the matter very seriously, and are thorough in reviewing the situation with you. Our goal is to mentor you as our employee and set you up to succeed. You’ll always have a fair chance to talk about the concern and express your point of view. We’ve even had DNR’s overturned in the past based on our HR teams hard work at listening to our employees and relaying their feedback back to the facility.
  • Lab Services Available In-House: one way we make sure you have what you need for your assignments is a full array of lab services offered in-house. Flu shots, PPDs, Titer Blood Draws, TDaP, you name it. If a client requires it, we have it available for you. There is typically no cost to you for these services. Its our way of making sure you get what you need and your assignment starts on time.
  • Overtime: RNs are allowed to work up to 48 hours each week so that they can always have overtime hours available. For our travelers, we pay OT at 1.5 x the blended local rate, not your travel rate, so you get full advantage of our policy. Too many travelers comment that they never work overtime because its not worth it when their OT rate is 1.5x their travel rate. Their agency is certainly billing the normal OT rate, they’re just not passing it on to the clinician. That’s not right, and not how we do business.
  • No Conflict of Interest in Assignments we Offer:  tired of recruiters driving a specific job your way and pressuring you?  You won’t get that here.  Many agencies have partnerships with hospitals and pressure you into filling their clients’ jobs, not helping you determine what is best for you.  While we do have exclusive relationships, we don’t pressure you into those jobs.  We help you make the best choice of what is available.  You come first.
  • Orientation Full Rate:hospitals may not let us bill them for your orientation, but you’ll always receive your regular pay for your assignments’ orientation.
  • Parking Reimbursements: we reimburse you for 100% of your parking costs while on an assignment with CMS.
  • W2’d Employee: don’t worry about paying for your professional or general liability insurance if you’re used to working as an Independent Contractor. You’ll be a W2 employee with CMS, covered under all of our professional and general liability, workers compensation, and cyber liability & data breach insurance.
  • Credit Union:CMS has partnered with Point Breeze to offer you all the benefits associated with a credit union. Point Breeze Credit Union is a Baltimore based not-for-profit financial institution committed to serving both full and part-time CMS associates with competitive banking solutions and excellent customer service.
  • Emergency 24-Hour On-Call Support: A member of the CMS team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you never have to worry about reaching an answering service. This is all part of our commitment to you. We have a very dedicated and knowledgeable staff, from recruiters to HR and payroll, we are here to make sure your agency employment experience is as positive as possible. Call 410-321-4267 anytime!

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