Shout out to Christine Matthews – February’s Clinician of the Month!

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Please join me in congratulating Christine Matthews, CMS’ February clinician of the month! After more than 8 years of holding down two staff positions (a float pool gig at Beebe and a pediatric ER position at Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children) Christine ventured into the agency world. She joined the CMS team in 2016 and after a few Peds-ER assignments at Upper Chesapeake she started blazing the travel path when she accepted the firt CMS assignment in New Jersey. Since then she has completed multiple assignments at Virtua and Jefferson Health. Christine constantly receives rave reviews from clinical supervisor and the administrative team alike – see below for some of the recent love:

*Christine is an asset to any Hospital that she works at. She is flexible, attentive and truly cares about her job and her patients. She is a great co-worker who goes out of her way to help others. Not many nurses actually care about their jobs the way she does – it was truly an honor to work with her – Pediatric ER Supervisor
*Christine is a very intelligent and highly adaptable person. She has a background in varied fields which makes here an asset to hospitals. She is very driven to provide her patients quality care and education. – Charge RN
*Christine has worked with our Pediatric ED and also has great adult critical care knowledge. She is very adaptive to our staffing needs and has been a pleasure. – Nurse Manager

AWESOME stuff – you are love all around town, Christine! We also asked Christine to share a bit about herself and her career journey. Take a look below and see what has made her so successful:

I grew up in Delaware.

I originally was studying Vet Medicine, when I became sick & had to withdraw from school, the experience I encountered during several surgeries and nurses taking care of me, changed my career. I initially started on a Cardiac unit & would float to different departments, such as ICU, CICU & ER, all rewarding. I have always loved children and wanted to work with kids, no matter the setting, so when given the opportunity to experience Peds full time, I applied.

I was at Beebe Medical Center & Nemours for Nursing, prior to CMS, which is my catalyst in wanting to return to school to advance my career by going back to school for my MSN.

I was seeking an opportunity that would afford me flexibility & variety and after sharing with friends my goals, but the frustration on how to achieve them, several to whom are traveling nurses, encouraged me to consider ‘Contract Positions’. Several shared stories of adventures, others the diversity in experiences, but all enjoyed the flexibility, so they helped guide me on how to find, “what works for me best” & I found CMS. CMS was part of the community that had opportunities I was researching, CMS had several listings from the surrounding areas that I was interested in and I wanted to be a part of an organization that knows your name, where your not just some social security number through a call center.

Kennedy now Jefferson Hospital, is surrounded by a small community, giving a feeling of a close knit environment, but at the same time is the ONLY Stroke Unit Hospital in the South Jersey Area, making it a big deal as it expands beyond its community & into others when patients requiring a Stroke Unit are transported here.

I love the flexibility that it has afforded me to spend time with my dad and the precious days he had left, if it were not for CMS understanding and the ability to delay my next contract, I would have missed so many important memories.

I absolutely recommend agency, if it is for truly traveling and getting to experience this country, needing flexibility for school, children, family or health and the diversity of how other hospitals and communities work. Perspective, the grass isn’t greener, its just a different color of green, healthcare is tough all over, its how you can manage that perspective armed with the ability to seek another opportunity.

I would like to believe I am successful in my career, as it is a career and not a job. I chose this profession and love what I do, I have many opportunities to change careers and believe if you don’t like the one you have, find a new one, you have to wake up and do what you love. I see many less fortunate than myself and helping them makes me feel better, forgetting the trivial things that consume my life. I love education and seek educational moments to help improved my goals, knowledge base and career.

I love landscaping & building things, spending time with family, my dog and creating a sanctuary for rescued wildlife.

At first I thought the message was SPAM, headline, it was not until the second notice I looked at it.. SORRY. Then I was trying to figure out ME! Was it something I said (if so what, so I can say it again), a letter from a fan (i’d like to frame it) or my wit (as that can go either way). What ever the catalyst … Thank YOU.

No, Christine – all the THANKS goes to you. And no it is not SPAM – you truly are the clinician of the month. It is most likely a combination of your wit, the love from your fans, and what yous say and do day in and out that helped you earn this award. Wishing you many years of continued success and one more big CONGRATS and THANK YOU from the CMS team!

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