Props to June’s Clinician of the Month – William Thatcher!

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Please join me in congratulating our June agency clinician of the month – William Thatcher! Bill got his start in healthcare as an army Medic / EMT and has held a wide variety of nursing positions before joining Chesapeake Medical Staffing. He has been with us for over a year and continues to extend on repeatedly at Lehigh Valley (the Poconos location). He floats to a number of units on his assignment and always receives fantastic feedback. Check out some of the great comments from his previous and current supervisors:

He is extremely personable and easy to work with. Williams has great communication skills! – Charge RN
Bill is an excellent nurse. He provides great care and education to his patients. He works well within a team and prioritizes well – always a pleasure to work with. – RN Supervisor
Bill is a pleasure to work with. He is very good with patients and communicated well with both patients and staff. Even when things were tough, he was always confident and was something I felt comfortable working with because I was very confident in his knowledge and abilities. – Charge RN
William is a pleasure. We hope he continues with us for a long time! – House Supervisor

Wow – amazing, stuff, Bill! We wanted to get a sense of Bill’s story and what has made him so successful in his career – check out what he shared with us below:

I grow up in Petersburg, Pennsylvania and I always wanted to be in the healthcare field since I can remember. I started out as a Medical Specialist (EMT) in the army and was stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky.

I have a very extensive background in nursing, I started out in the med/surg area and wanted to cross train to the ICU. I have worked in the ED, ICU, Telemetry and psychiatric areas.

I worked at many different places before CMS but the most recent was at a hospital in Tyrone, Pa which was a critical access hospital and before that was another critical access hospital in virginia. I originally was searching on the internet for agency jobs in Delaware and found the CMS website and the rest is history.

This is my first agency job with CMS and I am at Leigh Valley- Poconos. I really love the area and the staff are so friendly. I have really made a place for myself here and I am working on my second extension and I plan on extending through December 2018.

My favorite part of working for an agency is the fact that I can move from place to place and get a chance to meet new people and travel around.

I would recommend CMS and I have been doing that with everyone that has ask who I work for. I feel that this is the best agency that I have worked for and I can really say that I am please to be part of the CMS family. I have never had a major issue to say other than I feel was with the facility and not CMS, but my recruiter (Kevin Porsch) handled it and he would always be on top of it. I feel that he was more into getting my extension for me than I was. I know that he will be the one to be on top of it when it comes up again.

I have many stories to think of but I can say that working with so many people over the years has made me love the job that I do. I come to work everyday (and I mean everyday if you know me) with a spring in my step and I need to help people. I would give advice such as if you are looking to travel and see the country that CMS is the place to go. They have so many assignments out there that I will be looking for a place to go when I am done here in the Poconos and I think that my wife and I will be heading to Maine for the lobsters and hiking.

I enjoy hiking, biking and kayaking. I have two dogs, one is a pug named Harley but we call her Bubbies and the other is a boxer/pit mix named Ivy. As you can see I love Batman and I have named my pets after the characters for it.

I guess that random facts that maybe not many know about is that I collect comic books and have done so since I was a kid. I have a collection of about anywhere from 5,000- 10,000.

I was surprised in finding out the I was Agency Clinician of the month and my first thought was, how much money do I get for the honor, hahahahaha. I am only kidding because that who I am. I feel very honored and grateful that I can be a role model to others and help them to get out there and show that we have a great company and the only way to do that is word of mouth and be positive about this company.

I think that I want to share that if you want to do good things and help lots of people in areas that have a shortage in staff then go out and be an agency nurse. The pay is very rewarding and the friendships that you make will be ones to last a lifetime. Thank you. This is the best action shot that I have and it was sitting at the computer charting and reviewing labs and other issues that I could find so that I could treat my patient the best way that I can. Thank you again for the honor to be the clinician of the month and I will do the best that I can in the future as well. Keep up the great work that CMS is doing for people like me.

Thanks for sharing, Bill, and keep up the amazing work doing what you love. Wishing you many years of continued success, beautiful hikes, and hopefully some fresh lobsters in you near future!

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