June’s Clinician of the Month – Nicholette Ward!

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We are happy to announce June’s Clinician of the Month for Chesapeake Medical Staffing as Nicholette Ward! She has the passion and empathy we are looking for out of all our clinicians, and are proud to have her in our family!

Caring for others has always been my passion; it’s built into my DNA. No matter how young I was, I had the determination to help others be their best. At age 9, I decided I wanted to become a nurse so I could continue to help others reach their optimal state of health. I grew up on an island where healthcare was seriously lacking in care, in the real sense of the word, and I had the same determination I had as a toddler to do something about it.

My nursing philosophy is that every nurse should provide care using the holistic approach, i.e., every nurse should provide safe, non-judgmental care with the utmost empathy by looking at the whole patient, not just their present condition. I believe that the core of nursing is to be nurturing, caring, knowledgeable, and to have integrity.

My career choice led me to the United States where I acquired my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I started in Home Care Nursing and began to search for a hospital-based job. I worked two years in Cardiology before an opportunity presented itself for me to achieve a position in my dream area of Labor and Delivery. I was ecstatic! It was a wild roller coaster ride learning all I can about L&D, but I relished it.

I decided to try agency nursing so I could keep doing what I love, and still be able to enjoy spending time with my family. Through a friend I found Chesapeake Medical Staffing. They are angels in disguise! My recruiter, Reen Parks, is amazing! She helps me stay grounded by always having my back, even in the tiniest way when I feel too overwhelmed to see it.

I was surprised to hear that I was chosen as Clinician of the Month since all the nurses I work with are equally fantastic. It was bittersweet since I couldn’t share the title with them as they are not part of Chesapeake. I keep telling all my nursing friends to check out Chesapeake Medical Staffing, but they are already part of the team! I hope to continue with Chesapeake for a long time to come.

Nicholette’s Recruiter, Reen, had this to say about our newest honoree: “Nicholette is a very reliable and attentive nurse. She has been an absolute delight to work with!”

We are very thankful to have a clinician like Nicholette representing Chesapeake and changing lives on a daily basis.


10 Responses to “June’s Clinician of the Month – Nicholette Ward!”

  1. Robin Steele-Grant

    Nicholette is a very energetic and positive person to work with. Her smile will brighten a cloudy day. Congrats to Nicholette!!!!!!!!

  2. Sundell Sennata Babb

    I am so happy for you my sister keep up the great work , I am a friend of your 2 sisters in Tobago.

  3. Alithia Sophie Guillaume

    I’m so proud to see you doing what you always said you wanted to do. Keep it up.

  4. Jay Watson

    Nicholette Ward is an amazing person. She absolutely takes love in her work and Job. It’s an honor to have her !! Keep it up Nicholette… Very Proud of you !!! πŸ’– Great things to come 😊

  5. Abigail Brewster

    Much congratulations my sister. I am so very proud of you ❣️
    “Caring & helping” πŸ€• others is indeed in your DNA!…it extends beyond people.
    πŸ˜‡ I recall that litter of πŸ• you desperately tried to save…they were covered with parasites. What did you do?… you cleaned them up one by one and fed them using a rubber glove. I was even then impressed with your compassion and skills.
    Out Heavenly father gives us all a gift. I am pleased that you are using your gift to Bless & Uplift others.

  6. Kate Yeates

    I am so proud of you. You always wanted to make a difference in your own way. Keep it up.

  7. Renee Corbin

    Congratulations cousin continued reaching for the stars hun

  8. Roxanne Hetbert

    To God be the glory my sis. You have always been a role model for me and anyone you encounter. Continue to pursue your dream Dr. Nicholette Herbert-Ward. Miss and love you so much. 😍😍

  9. Aaron Yeates

    Congrats, continue to strive for what your soul feels happy doing and for being an inspiration not only for your family, but to the many lives you have touched…. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  10. Rhea Richardson George

    I was surprised to see your name, but quite proud of you. Congratulations to ypu my dear, and keep reaching for the stars . Love from the Richardsons and Signal Hill, and all of Tobago. Blessings


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