Thank you for your interest in MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, member of MedStar Health System. CMS has partnered with UMH and AMN to continue to provide uninterrupted staffing support for the hospital.

Number of Beds: 249
Charting Information: Cerner
Teaching Facility: Yes
Trauma Facility: No

Additional Medstar Requirements:
PALS required in the ED
MMRV Titers LAB Report
Drug Screen within 30 days
Two Positive References that support at least 2 years in the previous 3 years
CMS Application with complete work history (no gaps) for the past 7 years
If history of TB, Chest x-ray within 5 years and PPD Questionnaire signed by a physician
Flu Vaccine required – Deadline: December 8th. IF clinician provides a valid doctors note notating an allergy to the injection , they must then receive the mist.

UMH is strict in the audit of nursing documentation. If a deficiency is found in your documentation, you will receive a “Request for Improvement” (RFI). Please be aware of the following policy regarding RFIs for agency personnel at UMH/MedStar:

  • “RFI stands for Request for Improvement. An RFI is issued by MedStar facilities when either standards of care or patient care policy is not being followed. Specifically, Union Memorial Hospital has auditors on units reviewing charts daily looking to ensure all documentation is being completed. When any of the above mentioned items are not being followed, an RFI is issued.”
  • “You may have received an RFI in the past. Going forward, MedStar Health is issuing the following policy. If an agency clinician receives 3 RFI’s they will be made a DNR (Do not return). This Policy of 3 RFIs is MedStar system wide. Additionally, a DNR will count for all MedStar facilities system wide.”

UMH has a strict Dress Code. The nursing staff uniform throughout Union Memorial Hospital must wear either all white or a white top with navy blue pants. Sweaters and nursing jackets should also be white. Any shirt other than scrub tops must have a collar. Shoes may be black, brown, navy blue or white in color.

Please check here to see if there are any current contracts open at at Union Memorial.

Special Note: Please call Cindy Hoel, HR Orientation Manager, at 410-321-4267 extension #113, BEFORE completing any on-line orientations as she has specific and current client information.

RN Orientation

  1. PRN Facility specifics in regards to orientation:
    Units: 1-12hr shadow shift or if RN is floating then they may be required to either do 6 hrs in both units or 2 -12hrs depending on the RN’s experience (facility will decide).
    ER: 1 -12 hr shadow shift ** IF you are already working at Good Sam or Franklin Square in the ED thru CMS you will NOT need to attend an orientation at UMH**
  2. Contract Facility specifics in regards to orientation:
    Units & ER: 2 -12hr shadow shift
  3. MedStar requires ALL staff to complete MedStar facility specific online annual mandatories. Once approved by the facility Cindy Hoel, HR Orientation Manager will register you and assign you the required Sitels.
    You will be able to access the SiTEL Learning Management System site thru the MedStar Sitels login page.
  4. After ALL Sign-offs and Mandatories have been submitted to Union Memorial and approved, Cindy Hoel, HR Orientation Manager, will notify you once your profile is fully cleared by the facility and confirmed for orientation.
  5. RN testing will be required depending on specialty and will be assigned to you by Cindy Hoel, HR Orientation Manager.A study guide for your reference is below.
  6. ALL Agency staff Please Review:
    In light of the significant IV fluid shortage across the country please review this Medstar practice alert.

RN Documents

Timekeeping Information

Please follow the Medstar Timekeeping Policy and submit an unsigned CMS Timeslip.


201 East University Parkway Baltimore, MD 21218