For more than 150 years, Saint Agnes Hospital has been dedicated to the art of healing by providing exceptional care to the greater Baltimore area. It is a 276-bed, full-service teaching hospital with residency programs in a number of medical and surgical specialties
Number of Beds: 276
Charting Information: Meditech
Teaching Facility: Yes
Trauma Facility: No

St. Agnes specific requirements:
Flu Vaccine required – Deadline: November 1st (signed declination accepted but will be required to wear a mask)
Education Verification

**As of 6/16/15 – St.Agnes currently does not allow staff to return as agency after being employed there**

Please note the following information specific for agency personnel planning to work shifts in this full service, teaching hospital.

UPDATE on Policies to be reviewed:

St. Agnes is doing a lot of work focusing on decreasing central line infections. They require you to follow the following Summary of IV policies regarding the care of patients with central lines.
Please review the Pressure Ulcer Staging Definitions. St.Agnes wants to make sure that there is a clear understanding of your responsibility and expectations related to pressure ulcer documentation.
Please review the updated document related to the Falls Prevention Program.
Please review the updated information for Meditech Mouse.

Parking Policy Changes:
There are some parking changes that are occurring for Agency personnel. There is no charge to park.

*Update – Effective Immediately, All agency associates assigned to the Gibbons Commons lot will be moved back to the Gibbons Commons property for parking. The temporary entrance will be located off Desoto Road. Two shuttles will run, departing every 5-6 minutes from 5:30-9:00 a.m. and 2:30-6:00 p.m. One shuttle will operate at all other times every 10 minutes (Updated parking shuttle times attachment below)  Parking in signed spaces (such as Physician, Cport, Daughters of Charity)will result in booting or towing for first offense. Once a vehicle has been booted and the next violation is within 3 years it will result in a tow. Parking in a patient parking spot will also result in a boot.

Boot removal will require a payment of $50.00 and Protective services will NOT remove the boot without payment.

Failure to register a vehicle will result in a boot — this registration form is located in the sign-off forms under Documents and needs to be returned to CMS as soon as possible.

ALL RN’s MUST obtain a badge from HR (Hours of operation 7:30a-4p) You can not be scheduled for any shifts until badge is received.
All agency staff will be required to badge in at a Kronos time clock.
Per diem agency, you will be required to do the following: obtain their assignment from the nursing supervisor, sign into the nursing office agency binder, obtain their badge, clock in at the time clock, and go directly to the assigned unit. At the end of the shift, staff will need to sign out in the nursing office agency binder and return the badge. *** This is every time they work — even if they are returning the next day. The nursing office hours of operation are 630am to 12MN Monday thru Friday and 630am to 1130pm Saturday and Sunday. If an RN feels that they can not complete their work by the end of their shift, they MUST obtain permission ahead of time — as St. Agnes is monitoring incidental overtime.
For contracted agency, your badge is obtained during onboarding and staff will keep their badge for the duration of the contract. Staff must sign into the nursing office agency binder and clock in/out at the time clock. Step by step instructions on how to clock in and allocate time are posted next to the time clock. If there are questions about how to clock in and allocate the time, please have them see someone in the nursing office. Must also use the CRP phones to clock in and out and send a signed CMS time-slip. 

Please check here to see if there are any current contract positions available at St. Agnes Hospital.

Special Note: Please call Cindy Hoel, HR Orientation Manager, at 410-321-4267 extension #113, BEFORE completing any on-line orientations as she has specific and current client information.

RN Orientation

  • Review Orientation Packet.
  • Print a hard copy of the Sign offs and the post tests(all documents below). Complete in black ink – scan/email or fax completed paperwork to Cindy Hoel, HR Credentialing Analyst/Orientation Manager. You can email or fax to 410-321-4980.
  • NEW Requirement -In addition to the Sign offs and post tests you will now need to view the below PowerPoint presentation on purposeful rounding and complete the post-test. This is required for all agency RN’s and CNA’s and you must pass with 85% or better. Please complete the post test in black ink – scan/email, fax or mail post test to Cindy Hoel. You can email or fax to 410-321-4980.
  • After you have completed and passed the post test you will then be required to take a Dysrhythmia Test (not paid) at St. Agnes. We have provided a study guide link below for your convenience. This test will be scheduled with Cindy Hoel at CMS x. 113. (No test is required for RN’s in M/S, M/B, NBN and for CNAs)
  • Computer training is required for RN’s in most units and will be scheduled after you have completed and passed the required Dysrhythmia exam. (the only exception is NICU or L/D – one on one orientation is provided).

Orientation Documents

Timekeeping Information

Please use a CMS Timeslip and your CMS badge to clock in and out using Kronos.  Please also use the St Agnes CRP Phone.


900 S. Caton Avenue Baltimore, MD 21229