Thank you for your interest in Georgetown University Hospital, member of MedStar Health System. CMS has partnered with WHC and AMN to provide exceptional staffing support for the hospital.

Number of Beds: 609
Charting Information: Cerner
Teaching Facility: Yes
Trauma Facility: No

IMPORTANT Please Review:
In light of the significant IV fluid shortage across the country please review this Medstar practice alert.

Additional Medstar Requirements:
New RequirementBSN Required
PALS required in the ED
MMRV Titers must be on a LAB Report
Drug Screen within 30 days of orientation
Two Positive References that support at least 2 years in the previous 3 years in your specific specialty (must be from a Nurse Manager – will no longer accept Charge Nurse’s)
CMS Application with complete work history (no gaps) for the past 7 years
If history of TB, Chest x-ray within 5 years and PPD Questionnaire signed by a physician. You must also show history of original TB
MUST have 1 month of in-patient agency experience with supporting documentation
Flu Vaccine required – Deadline: December 8th. IF clinician provides a valid doctors note notating an allergy to the injection , they must then receive the mist.

RN Orientation Procedure

  1. Request for your name to be submitted – you will be checked against the Medstar DNR . A DC NURSING LICENSE is required for submittal. Please click here to notify us that you are interested in being submitted for consideration.
  2. Along with your submittal we will send your abbreviated profile to their staffing office so they can review your work history, two supervisory references, current skills checklist in the specialty you are working and the completed AMN-Questionnaire (see documents below). Please note that the supervisory references must both be completed within the last year, and combined must indicate a minimum of two years experience on the relevant floor where you’d like to work at GUH.
  3. Once approved, You will need to complete the following prior to CMS sending your full profile to GUH:
    1. MedStar requires ALL staff to complete MedStar facility specific online annual mandatories. Once approved by the facility Cindy Hoel, HR Orientation Manager will register you and assign you the required Sitels.
      You will be able to access SiTEL Learning Management System site thru the MedStar Sitels login page.
    2. Dysrhythmia & Pharmacology Exams (instructions on how to access both will be given to you once your mini-profile has been cleared by GUH) Must pass in 2 attempts or less with a passing score of 85% or better. We have provided a ECG/Dysrhythmia study guide link below for your convenience.
    3. AMN Medstar Questionnaire (below)
  4. RN testing will be required depending on specialty and will be assigned to you by Cindy Hoel, HR Orientation Manager.
  5. Once all items are completed, we will send your complete profile to their staffing office so they can verify you are fully compliant before they will schedule you for orientation. ALL compliance must be in at least 1 week before orientation.
  6. If you are orienting for ICU, you must also attend a 3rd skills day following your orientation.
  7. Following your final orientation day, you must complete two shadow days within the next 10 days as well as a orientation checklist within 14 days. These checklists are completed with your preceptor.

GUH SiTELMS Instructions / AMN Medstar Questionnaire

Timekeeping Information

Please follow the Medstar Timekeeping Policy and submit an unsigned CMS Timeslip


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