Bowie Health Center is a freestanding ER, opened in 1979 and part of the Dimensions Healthcare system. They see about 100-110 patients a day and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For emergency medical services only, they are usually faster than a hospital-based Emergency Department

Number of beds: 17
ER Charting Information: PICIS System
Teaching Facility: No
Facility: Level 2 Emergency Services

Bowie Health Center specific requirements:
Flu Vaccine required – Deadline: October 30th
PALS required for ER
If you are interested in picking up at this facility, please click here to notify Cindy Hoel, HR Orientation Manager. Your information will be uploaded into their system so that you can be submitted.

RN Orientation

  1. Computer training (PICIS) is required and then report to the facility one hour early.

Timekeeping Information

Please use a CMS Timeslip and badge in and out at the facility



15001 Health Center Drive
Bowie, MD 2076


15001 Health Center Drive Bowie, MD 2076