To become a member of the CMS team, you must complete our credentialing and hiring process. If you would like to expedite your hiring process, it is encouraged to review the below list of requirements and begin gathering the necessary documents.

Please note: Some requirements may vary based on your assignment.  Our HR team will send you a specific list of what they need from you once your assignment is confirmed.  

Need one or more of the items below or just can’t locate your documentation? No problem – we offer a full range of lab services in our office for a nominal co-pay.

Required Documentation – All Employees

  • Current comprehensive resume in word document format:
    1. Resume must clearly outline experience in your area(s) of specialty – two years is required for most hospital placements
    2. Must include all work and education history
    3. Work history must clearly outline dates worked with each prior employer (month and year, not just year) and in what area of specialty you worked
    4. Any prior agency employment sections must breakdown dates worked at specific facilities and in specific area(s) of specialty – the more specific you can be, the better
  • Professional references from managers and/or supervisors in the past two years (minimum 2 references) – click HERE to input your supervisors information and they will be emailed a reference request. Please alert them that they will be receiving an email from us for this request.
  • Two supporting documents required for I-9 (Passport, Permanent Resident card, Drivers License, Social Security card, Birth Certificate, etc.)
  • Current CPR for the Health Care Provider issued by the American Heart Association (for clinical placements)
  • Current TB Screening (PPD, Chest X-Ray with accompanying symptom survey, etc)
  • Various online items that our HR team will assign you (including documents you must sign and tests you must take)

Required Documentation for Hospital placements (may vary based on your license / certification type, area of specialty, and specific facility requirements)

  • Current ACLS, PALS, NRP as required for your area(s) of specialty
  • Education verification (copy of your diploma or transcript)
  • Annual physical exam or general statement of good health with no work restrictions – download form by clicking HERE.
  • MMRV titers or vaccination series
  • Proof of Hepatitis B immunity or signed declination
  • Annual Flu vaccine
  • Annual Fit test
  • TDaP vaccine

Items to be Processed Internally, as applicable

  • Verification of current professional license
  • Drug Screening
  • Background Screening
  • Verification of employment, education history, professional references, etc

For more information about any facility, please click HERE.

For additional documents and forms, please click HERE.