Kudos to Shernel Barrett!

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Kudos to our wonderful CNA-Shernel Barrett, who did an awesome job while working at Seasons Hospice (Northwest location). She was complimented on being amazing at caring for patients. It takes someone special to work with hospice patients and Shernel showed the best care possible. Great job,Shernel – we are honored to have you on our team and thanks again for all your hard work!

Morgan Reeves Live on RVN TV

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Check out the video below of Morgan Reeves live on RVN TV talking about her journey with CMS. Morgan joined the CMS team back in 2012 and has been a favorite around the office and in the various hospital assignments where she has been placed. She is a previous winner of the ‘Can We Clone You?” Chessie award, and our very first every employee of the month. Check out the video below and share with anyone who is looking for the right agency! Morgan Reeves on Mid Day with Dana Carney  

Props to Parker Barrett – January’s Clinician of the Month!

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Please join me in giving some props and celebrating January’s clinician of the month – Parker Barrett! After extensive schooling, clinical rotations, and a stint with University of MD, Parker joined the CMS team back in June of 2017 and has been on assignment (multiple very successful assignments I might add) with Greater Baltimore Medical Center. The office team enjoys working with Parker and was excited to nominate him for this award. And check out some of the feedback from his current and recent supervisors: *Parker is very well-rounded surgically. He goes into any case with a positive attitude and the ability to assist the surgeon. He is truly a great … Continued

Nice Save Angela!

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Awesome work by Angela Land, who was commended recently about her attention to detail during a surgical procedure.  Angela noticed that a retractor listed as having 4 screws actually had 6.  At the end of the procedure one of the screws was not accounted for, and Angela’s earlier correction of how many screws there should have been helped make sure the team knew a screw had to be found.  The team followed standard work for incorrect counts and the missing screw was located. The case concluded with a proper final count of supplies/equipment.  Great work Angela, who was an example of several safe behaviors: paying attention to detail, having a … Continued

Marquita – Home Care Nurse Extraordinaire!

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Marquita got a resounding compliment from another nurse on the care team for her regular home care client.  Thank you so much Marquita for exemplifying what home care is all about.  See below for the feedback we received from another nurse, and thank you again! I visited with the home care client last Friday for a morning routine share day with Marquita. She is absolutely wonderful. Our time together with the client was such a great experience. Her and the client have a touching bond. She was professional, knowledgeable, and took passion in her care. Marquita knew the routine inside and out. She went above and beyond helping to clean, do … Continued

Kudos to Tim Hartung!

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Great work recently picking up at one of our spine center locations, Tim.  The manager let us know how great of a job you did with your thorough documentation and would love to have you back.  Thanks for the hard work!

Kara Keene-Worobetz: Daisy Award Winner!

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Kara was awarded the Daisy Award for her outstanding performance on her current assignment.  This is a nationwide nurse for outstanding nurses, and while it may not be typical for an agency nurse to win this award, Kara has been awarded this honor.  Thank you so much for all that you do Kara, we are so proud of you!

Wonderful Job, Lawana!

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Thank you so much Lawana Anderson for getting a great compliment recently from Palisades Eye Surgery Center. When we contacted them to confirm your schedule they let us know how wonderful of a job you are doing. Thank you again! We’re so happy to have you on our team.

Thank you Ruth!

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Ruth Rawlings picked up her first shift at Season’s recently and got glowing feedback: “Please extend our thanks to Ruth.  I was told fantastic things about her skills and compassion as an aide by the night shift nurses she worked with last night. 

National Nursing Assistants Week 2017

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Compassion, Care, Dedication, Honor, Kindness, Effort and Service these are just a few words that describe our wonderful nursing assistants. Join us during National Nursing Assistants Week, June 15-22, as we honor and applaud our Nursing Assistants who are true specialists in the art of caring. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the patients you serve every day. Check out our photo gallery from our visits this week and thanks again for all your hard work!