Morgan Reeves Live on RVN TV

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Check out the video below of Morgan Reeves live on RVN TV talking about her journey with CMS. Morgan joined the CMS team back in 2012 and has been a favorite around the office and in the various hospital assignments where she has been placed. She is a previous winner of the ‘Can We Clone You?” Chessie award, and our very first every employee of the month. Check out the video below and share with anyone who is looking for the right agency! Morgan Reeves on Mid Day with Dana Carney  

CMS Merges with American Surgical Professionals

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Evergreen Advisors Capital, a middle-market investment bank, is pleased to announce that Chesapeake Medical Staffing, LLC has been acquired by American Surgical Professionals.  Evergreen Advisors Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Chesapeake. Chesapeake Medical Staffing is one of the largest and most respected health care staffing agencies in the mid-Atlantic region. CMS has focused on sourcing the highest quality health care professionals from nurses to administrative personnel to physicians to complete management of the agency process.  The Company is Joint Commission certified and their client list includes hospitals, institutional care providers, management services organizations (MSO), home care and individual patients “CMS explored numerous options to enhance our future,” said Jeff McClure … Continued

Travel vs. Staff – The Hospital Dilemma

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A recent study from KPMG determined that using Travel Nurses can be a cost-effective strategy for hospitals nationwide. According to the KPMG’s 2017 U.S. Hospital Nursing Labor Costs Study, “when all costs are considered, traveling nurses appear to cost less than permanent nurses.” The survey found that the cost for a permanent nurse is roughly $10/hour more expensive when compared to the cost for a Travel Nurse. KPMG’s findings took into account the hidden costs associated with hiring full-time, perm nurses, such as overtime pay, paid time off, insurance, retirement, and recruiting costs. Additional costs included in the study were non-productive labor hours, orientation hours, as well as attrition and … Continued

Afraid of Travel Nursing?

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Here is why you shouldn’t be! Read below from Crystal Gustafson over at Crystal is an ICU RN who has spent time traveling all across the country, including Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California. You may have encountered a travel nurse at work, or if you are like me, have wanted to be a travel nurse since before you even entered nursing school. You have also probably heard some horror stories and common misconceptions that go along with the travel nursing profession that have made you think twice about whether or not you are up for the task. Many of these fears and misconceptions are mostly rooted in hearsay and … Continued

How to be a Travel RN Close to Home

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One of the most common myths about travel nursing is that you have to travel across the country, or even work out of state. You may have heard that your assignment has to be at least 50 miles away from your permanent residence in order to collect the tax-free benefits of a travel nurse. Well this is simply not true. The IRS does not have a specific ‘50-mile rule’ describing a certain distance you have to work away from home. This 50-mile or 100-mile radius is used by many hospital facilities as a general rule of thumb, to prevent their own full-time workers from picking up the contracts themselves. So … Continued

Tax Time: Travel Filing 101

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In addition to patient care skills, a good bedside manner, and medical knowledge, travel nurses also need to be well-versed in financial matters if they want to maximize their earnings and survive tax season. Because of the “blended” rate that many travel nurses earn – which combines taxable and non-taxable income – it can be tricky to know which deductions are and are not allowed when it comes time to file your return. The fact is, even though some agencies offer what seems to be a substantial amount of tax-free compensation, you may still qualify for further tax deductions. Below, we break down some of the key tax deductions that … Continued

Congratulations CMS on a Successful Joint Commission Re-certification!

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We are very pleased to announce that we have been re-certified with The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Health Care Staffing Services Certification. The certification demonstrates our commitment to providing qualified and competent health care professionals. Yesterday, Chesapeake Medical Staffing underwent a un-announced rigorous onsite visit. The Joint Commission Reviewer evaluated compliance with national standards that assess how we determine the qualifications and competency of staff, how we assign staff, and how we monitor performance. All certified health care staffing organizations are required to collect data on their own performance. Health care staffing firms place temporary staff in organizations that direct or provide patient care. Established in October … Continued

Above and Beyond . . . Recognition from One CMS Nurse to Another!

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It is not everyday that we receive an email from one of our CMS nurses telling us about another CMS nurse. Thank you, Morgan, for taking the time to send us this email & to recognize John Beland for his outstanding performance clinically. All of us at CMS applaud the amazing clinical skills Josh displayed in this life/death experience. We truly have amazing clinicians who have helped us earn the quality reputation as the #1 agency in the area. Thank you from the whole team! Hi Terri and Jeff,      While working in Endoscopy today, we experienced a scenario different from any other day. A family member of a patient … Continued

CMS Celebrates 15 Years of Business!

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A special thank you to Deb Kennedy for remembering our 15th anniversary! Deb arrived with gourmet cupcake and the perfect matching card to help us celebrate! Jeff and Terri have partnered over the last 15 years to create one of the largest and most respected health care staffing agencies in Maryland. Much of our success is due to the amazing team of administrative professionals who work diligently every day (and night) to find employment opportunities for our health care providers. We are sincerely appreciative to every one who has helped CMS over these past years. Here’s to continued success in the next 15!