Way to go Cherise!!

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We are so lucky at CMS to have so many great clinicians working for us.  We got the below feedback recently for Cherise Brown:  “I’d like to recognize one of your staff members. I feel her accountability and teamwork should not go un-celebrated. On two occasions, most recently during last nights code blue, I have had the pleasure of responding to Cherise Brown’s calls to Rapid Response Team for help.  Cherise demonstrates an astute ability to recognize changes in her patients’ conditions, activates RRT appropriately and promptly. She is ever present and most helpful during resuscitation efforts, demonstrating effective teamwork.  Rapid Response Team appreciates her service to our patient’s and our … Continued

You rock Linda!

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We received great feedback recently for Linda Wallace:  “I’ve had multiple 1:1 meetings with night shift staff who state that Linda Wallace is fantastic.  With the upcoming May needs, please offer her first priority to any shifts. Also please express to her our thanks for her outstanding care to patients in [our facility].”  Great work Linda, thank you for all that you do!

Thank you Mary!

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Thank you to Mary Lewis for doing a great job. A client where she recently worked let us know that she was fantastic and looked forward to working with her again. Way to go Mary! Thank you for representing us in such fashion.

How to be a Travel RN Close to Home

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One of the most common myths about travel nursing is that you have to travel across the country, or even work out of state. You may have heard that your assignment has to be at least 50 miles away from your permanent residence in order to collect the tax-free benefits of a travel nurse. Well this is simply not true. The IRS does not have a specific ‘50-mile rule’ describing a certain distance you have to work away from home. This 50-mile or 100-mile radius is used by many hospital facilities as a general rule of thumb, to prevent their own full-time workers from picking up the contracts themselves. So … Continued

Congrats to April’s Clinician of the Month – Jeanne Wehage!

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Join me in congratulating Jeanne Wehage for being named Aprils’ clinician of the month – woo hoo! Jeanne has worked with CMS since 2014 in a variety of roles and locations. She started with CMS at St Joe on a pain management unit, and has since worked in the following settings: Baltimore Washington Medical Center – outpatient infusion setting Johns Hopkins Hospital – sickle cell infusion center Greenspring Surgery Center – outpatient surgery setting National Spine and Pain Center – pain management setting St Joes – oncology unit GBMC – emergency room Jeanne has demonstrated some major flexibility and wide array or skills to be able to adapt to so … Continued

Kudos to Kara!

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Kudos to Kara Keene for being recognized by a patient recently while working at BWMC.  Kara’s patient said that Kara took extra good care of her.  Thank you for all of your great work Kara!

Carlos is Crushing It!

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More great feedback about Carlos Castro.  Keep up the great work!  “I would like to share what a wonderful nurse Carlos Castron is to his patients. He is very personable to everyone he encounters and a great patient advocate. He assures that his patients and families are well informed about the plan of care and disease processes. Carlos has been personally recognized by a grateful patient.”

Tax Time: Travel Filing 101

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In addition to patient care skills, a good bedside manner, and medical knowledge, travel nurses also need to be well-versed in financial matters if they want to maximize their earnings and survive tax season. Because of the “blended” rate that many travel nurses earn – which combines taxable and non-taxable income – it can be tricky to know which deductions are and are not allowed when it comes time to file your return. The fact is, even though some agencies offer what seems to be a substantial amount of tax-free compensation, you may still qualify for further tax deductions. Below, we break down some of the key tax deductions that … Continued

Great work Jean!

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Kudos to Jean Kalla who got a great compliment from the facility where he is currently on assignment:  Jean is a great employee and a great team layer.  He is wonderful.  Thank you for sending him to us! Keep up the great work Jean!  Thank you for all of your hard work.

Keep up the great work Myesha!

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We received the following feedback for Myesha McDaniels today: She is an absolute pleasure to have!! I hear nothing but positive things from our employees about her. We also received an email from a family as well, commending Myesha for her work. They wrote our administrator an email about how wonderful she was.  Thank you so much Myesha for all of your hard work.  We are so happy to have you as part of our team!