Congrats to December’s Clinician of the Month – Lisa Himmel

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It is with great honor that we get to celebrate Lisa Himmel as our clinician of the month for December! Lisa has been part of the CMS family since they very beginning and has held a wide variety of positions. She has excelled in all areas and most recently has even been the case manager of a team of clinicians for a challenging home care case. Our very own clinical director and owner had this to say about Lisa’s recent performance: We wish to extend a special thank you to Lisa Himmel RN for her most recent assignment with CMS. She has accepted responsibilities above and beyond the professional expectation … Continued

Big Ups to Steve Benko – Novemeber’s Agency Clinician of the Month!

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Big Ups to Steve Benko – Congrats on being named CMS’ agency clinician of the month for November! I have had the privilege of working directly with Steve for the last 5 years and it has been a wonderful experience. He is a talented RN and a true gentleman (his comment below about being personable is spot on)! Here are a just a few of the wonderful comments from Steve’s clinical evaluations: *Steve is very cal under pressure, very dependable, knowledgeable and a true team players. We love working with Steve! *Steve has been with our ED intermittently for several years. He has strong clinical judgement and is a true team players. He is … Continued

Debunking Common Contract/Travel Myths

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Many RNs are worried about giving local contract or travel nursing a go at first due to the scary rumors they hear swirling around out there in the healthcare world. As a recruiter of more than 10 years let me fill you in on some insider info – all those rumors? NOT TRUE! Myth #1: Travelers Always Float I am happy to report that travelers don’t really float any more often than they would as a staff nurse. Do they float first? Typically. Do they float every shift? No. In what situation would a traveler float? The same situation in which a staff nurse would float – when the census … Continued

Two Thumbs Up – Josh Beland is October’s Clinician of the Month!

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Who as two thumbs and is October’s clinician of the month – THIS GUY (aka Josh Beland)! The team has nothing but the best to say about Josh – he is truly a pleasure to work with. His clinical evaluations note that he is ‘knowledgeable, well organized, and dependable. He even participates with the triage / fast track team for process improvement’ going above and beyond for agency staff! To learn a  bit more about Josh’s story and career read on: Where did you grow up? I was born at GBMC in Towson, lived in Baltimore county for a few years and then my family moved to New Freedom, PA. … Continued

Why Do Travel Nurses Make SOOO Much $$$$ Money?

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Becoming a travel nurse can offer a lot of attractive benefits (beyond the opportunity to travel) that are hard to pass up, starting with excellent earning potential. Travel nurses can in fact earn more than salaried RNs who work full-time hospital jobs. Figuring out how much a travel nurse’s salary compares to a full-timer is a bit more complicated than just comparing pay stubs. Travel nurse earnings break down differently than salaried positions. Essentially, travel nurses work as contractors through an agency for assignments that typically last between 8 – 20 weeks at a time. So how exactly do travelers earn more than RNs who do shift work? Find out about … Continued

Go ‘Head Stacey Hutzell – September’s Clinician of the Month!

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CONGRATS to Stacey Hutzell for being named the clinician of the month of September! Stacey has been with CMS since 2009 and has done a bit of everything. She is ADORED by clients and staff alike, and we are touched by the kind words she has shared about her time with CMS. See Stacey’s journey below and join us in recognizing her: Originally from Sheperdstown, WV, I came to Baltimore in 2001 as a travel nurse and ended up calling it home. I am the first in my family to enter the medical field from generations of teachers. But isn’t nursing all about teaching? [editor’s note: Sure is – no … Continued

Props to Jennifer Lisa – August’s Clinician of the Month!

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I don’t think I can say this enough – everyone, and I mean everyone, LOVES working with Jennifer! She started with us at the beginning of this year and has quickly become a team favorite. She receives wonderful evaluations from the clinical and admin team alike and I am so pleased to be bale to present her with this honor. Read on below to learn more about her story in healthcare and her time with CMS: My father is a cardiologist and my mother was a nurse and later went to law school (in her 40s!!). So I always grew up with lots of medical talk in the family. On … Continued

Congrats to Kim Earnest – July’s Clinician of the Month!

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This one is LONG overdue! Kim has been with CMS since 2006 (yes you read that correctly, 2006). What an amazing 10 years it has been to have Kim as part of the CMS team. Kim has done assignments in the ER, Tele, MS, Schools, and summer camps – she really has done it all. Read on to learn more about Kim and her story with CMS: Where did you grow up? I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi and pretty much grew up everywhere as my father was active duty Air Force.  I’ve lived in Biloxi, MS; San Bernidino, CA; Wiesbaden, Germany; Jacksonville, AR; and finally moved to Maryland when … Continued

Wanna Get Away? CMS Fall Trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico!

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GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!! CMS Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary Tropical Fall Trip to the Riviera Maya, Mexico, The Valentin Imperial Maya, Playa Del Carmen, Full week – November 8-15, 2016 Long weekend – November 11-14, 2016 You and a guest are warmly invited to join us. The Hotel Valentin Imperial Maya is the new definition of paradise on the Yucatan Peninsula. This fabulous 5 Star, all-inclusive resort is located just 25 minutes from Cancun International Airport. Ground transportation is included. Set amid lavish gardens on a half-mile-long stretch of white sand beach named Playa Del Secreto (The Secret Beach), this magnificent award-winning resort boasts one of the … Continued

June’s Clinician of the Month – a big Woop Woop for Jewel Johnson!

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Can I get a WOOP WOOP? Join me in congratulating June’s full time clinician of the month – Jewel Johnson! Jewel was recently extended at her current assignment and received phenomenal feedback from the team at Hopkins. They noted she is a great team player, highly adaptable, and always willing to take on a new assignment without hesitation. The administrative team has found her to be a joy to work with – some even may call her a real jewel, or a diamond in the rough (puns intended). Read on to learn more about Jewel and her story with CMS: Where did you grow up?  Philadelphia, PA How did you … Continued