Kudos Over Here! Congrats to August’s Clinician of the Month, Alicia Matthews!

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We are very excited to announce that our Clinician of the Month for August is Alicia Matthews! She is a wonderful representation of our CMS values, and truly cares about each patient she cares for. She got into nursing for the same reason many clinicians do: She wanted to help people. We’re so glad she chose this career, and based on how she got here, her family is too! “At a young age I was inspired by my grandmother to take care of people. She was a foster parent, and well known to turn the lives around of newborns from drug addicted infants to healthy babies. Nothing made me happier … Continued

The Burnout Blues

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In the current employment market, being stressed out and working off of a decreased amount of sleep comes with the territory. People who put 150% into their jobs because they feel they have to end up developing negative associations with the work they’re doing long-term. This phenomenon is called burnout. Along with negativity towards your workload, burnout can lead to a short temper with other co-workers, mental/physical health related issues, absenteeism, low productivity, and thoughts about quitting your job. For those that work in healthcare, this trend is even more prevalent. Clinicians go into long shifts looking to help others, but end up in high-stress situations that can be literally … Continued

July’s Clinician of the Month – Bianca Harris!

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Chesapeake Medical Staffing is excited to announce that Bianca Harris has been named as July’s Clinician of the Month! She has been a vital part of our team, and we’re happy to share her story with all of you! “When I graduated high school, I initially wanted to work on television. After my first year at Seton Hill University, I was lucky enough to get an internship, that fell within my broadcasting and communications majors, at a local radio station. I routinely covered celebrity news, current events and played the top ten pop hits. After a few months, I came to dread my broadcasts and I knew immediately that this … Continued

Amy McGinnis, DAISY Award Winner, is a TELE Rockstar!

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Being a nurse is hard work. Working day in and day out as you help save lives is an amazing feat. That is why when one of our nurses receives a national recognition award in clinical excellence, we get pretty excited! We want to extend a big congratulations to our clinician, Amy McGinnis, on her DAISY Award. This award encompasses all the best qualities of the nursing profession, and the compassion they have for their patients, and family members. We are proud to have such an outstanding individual on our team!    “Amy is an amazing care giver. She is very competent and knowledgeable. She has an outgoing personality that … Continued

Our Healthcare Recruiters Deserve Recognition!

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“What is a modern recruiter? Someone who is honest first, knowledgeable second, consistent third, humble fourth, helpful fifth, and personable sixth.” Steve Levy, outside-the-box Consulting Our recruiters love to connect. Their entire job revolves around it! Most of the time it doesn’t feel like a job when you get to create amazing opportunities for the person on the other end of the line. Today is National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day. Although it only comes once a year, we appreciate our recruiters all 365 days. We see the constant effort and compassion they give our clinicians. As fundamental members of our team, we see the value they bring to our organization … Continued

June’s Clinician of the Month – Nicholette Ward!

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  We are happy to announce June’s Clinician of the Month for Chesapeake Medical Staffing as Nicholette Ward! She has the passion and empathy we are looking for out of all our clinicians, and are proud to have her in our family! Caring for others has always been my passion; it’s built into my DNA. No matter how young I was, I had the determination to help others be their best. At age 9, I decided I wanted to become a nurse so I could continue to help others reach their optimal state of health. I grew up on an island where healthcare was seriously lacking in care, in the … Continued